Health and Wellbeing Board

28 October 2020


Report of the Health and Wellbeing Board from York CVS and Healthwatch York Representatives


York CVS Report – What we did during the Covid-19 lockdown March to June 2020                                  


1.           This report asks Health and Wellbeing Board (HWBB) members to receive a new report from York CVS. This reports the challenges people experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic from March to June 2020, and how organisations in York responded. The report is attached at Annex A to this report.


2.           During the pandemic, York CVS staff working across a range of projects, particularly the Ways to Wellbeing team, came together to help meet community need. This report looks at the main issues arising for people in York from the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak. It also documents the support provided from colleagues within and outside York CVS in order to meet the needs of our community.

  Main/Key Issues to be Considered

3.           There are no recommendations in the report. Health and Wellbeing Board members are asked to receive the report and consider any implications for our ongoing Covid-19 response.


4.           There has been no consultation needed to produce this accompanying report for the Board.


5.           This report is for information only and as such there are no specific options for members of the Board to consider.

Strategic/Operational Plans

6.           The work from Healthwatch contributes towards a number of the themes, priorities and actions contained within the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2017-2022.


7.           There are no implications associated with the recommendations set out within this report.

        Risk Management

8.           There are no known risks associated with the recommendations in this report.


9.           Health and Wellbeing Board members are asked to:

Ø Consider the report and any implications for our ongoing Covid-19 system response.

Reason: To keep members of the Board up to date regarding the work of the voluntary sector and the challenges people have experienced during the pandemic.


Contact Details


Chief Officer Responsible for the report:

Sian Balsom

Healthwatch York Manager

Tel: 01904 621133



Alison Semmence

Chief Executive, York CVS

09104 621133


Report Approved




Specialist Implications Officer(s)  None

Wards Affected: 






For further information please contact the author of the report


Background Papers:




Annex A – York CVS Report “What we did during the Covid-19 lockdown March – June 2020”