Climate Change Policy and Scrutiny Committee

Draft Work Plan 2019-20


Tuesday 10



1.   Terms of Reference

2.   Approach – Ways of Working

3.   Climate Change Update

4.   Identifying Priorities

5.   Work Plan


15 October 2019


1.    Attendance of the Executive Member for Environment and Climate Change

2.    Round-table discussions on baseline statistics and funding opportunities

3.    Work Plan

Tuesday 12

November 2019 @5.30pm

1.   Co-option to the Climate Change Policy and Scrutiny Committee

2.   Specialist Perspectives on Challenges and Opportunities of a Zero Carbon Fleet

3.   One Planet York – Update

4.   Work Plan

Monday 16

December 2019


1.   Refreshing York’s Commitment to the Covenant of Mayors

2.   Scoping Report on Corporate Review of Poverty in York

3.   Carbon Budgeting

4.   Work Plan




14 January 2020


1.   Sustainable Development, Local Plan & Climate Change (Round Table Discussion)

2.   Work Plan

Tuesday 4

February 2020



-      Meeting Cancelled


10 March 2020


1.   One Planet York Update

2.   Renewing City of York Council’s Pledge to Covenant of Mayors

3.   Responsible Investment

4.   Sustainable Procurement

5.   Work Plan


21 April 2020


1.   Feasibility Report – Corporate Review into Poverty

2.   Climate Change Resilience

3.   Biodiversity and Amenity Woodlands

4.   Attendance of Corporate Director of Health, Housing and Adult Social Care

5.   Work Plan


12 May 2020


1.   SPDs on Green and Blue Infrastructure and Climate Change

2.   CIL / Section 106 Possibilities

3.   End of Year Report





Council Plan Priorities relating to Climate Change

A Greener and Cleaner City

·        A new climate change strategy

·        A road map to zero carbon by 2030

·        Review of waste collection options

·        Align strategies to protect the environment

·        Supplementary Planning Guidance on zero carbon buildings

·        Review of single use plastics

·        Mitigate and adapt to extreme weather events

An Open and Effective Council

·        Use procurement approaches to address climate emergency

Getting Around Sustainably

·        Identify options to move fleet to low/zero carbon

·        Expand York’s electric vehicle charging point network

·        Work in partnership to deliver low/zero carbon public transport

·        Implement York’s first Clean Air Zone and closely monitor air quality