City of York Council

Committee Minutes


Decision Session - Executive Member for Economy and Transport


20 February 2024


Councillor Kilbane (Executive Member)

In attendance

James Gilchrist – Director of Environment, Transport and Planning

Graham Titchener – Head of Parking Services

Kathryn Daly – Head of City Development, Regeneration and Economy

David Warburton – Head of Regeneration



36.        Declarations of Interest (10:01am)


The Executive Member was asked to declare, at this point in the meeting, any personal interests not included on the Register of Interests or any prejudicial or disclosable pecuniary interests they might have in respect of the business on the agenda. None were declared.





37.        Minutes (10:02am)


Resolved:  That the minutes of the Decision Session held on 16 January 2024 be approved and signed by the Executive Member as a correct record.





38.        Public Participation (10:02am)


It was reported that there had been 5 registrations to speak at the session under the Council’s Public Participation Scheme.


Councillor Warters commented on agenda item 4 noting that the public consultation had indicated 73.58% respondents did not support moving to cashless payment only. He felt that this consultation was meaningless if such a response did not lead to a change of strategy. He also raised concern that the removal of a cash option presented potential accessibility issues for groups such as the elderly and could contribute to bank closures through lack of use. Councillor Warters also reminded the executive member that he had previously raised the issue of potholes and he felt these were still not being prioritised.


Flick Williams spoke on agenda item 4; she raised concerns regarding digital exclusion and the vulnerabilities of data sharing. She raised concern that a complete reliance on cashless payment would leave a single point of failure, should the network connection go down. She also suggested that the “Pay on exit” scheme was problematic and could inadvertently exclude certain groups with disabilities who are not blue badge holders.


Zenia Chapman spoke on item 5; noting that while public consultation has taken place, phase 2 still risked repeating the mistakes of phase 1. She felt that no meaningful change had been planned for the scheme and a lot of highways related elements were included, meaning it was not a true regeneration. In her view, items had been slipped into scope that should be covered by other budgets (such as potholes).


Heather Marsden spoke on item 5 on behalf of the Greater Acomb Community Forum. She stated that the forum wanted more trees and plants on Front Street. She advised that while there had been consultation regarding the bollards, hardly anyone within the community knew about this and they were keen to ensure future consultation was better publicised. She advised that the forum were working with Prof Kate Giles and Dr Jenny England from University of York, who had previously worked with York Civic Trust were at the decision session.


Councillor Waller spoke on item 5; he said that he was keen to see progress, noting in particular the need for high street improvement between The Regent and Gale Lane, and in particular improvements would be needed to the crossing by Morrisons, benches throughout the pedestrianised area and public toilets. He stated that the plans were promising and allowed flexibility to adapt and take further.





39.        Cashless Parking Review (10:19am)


The Director of Transport, Environment and Planning and the Head of Parking Services presented the report.


The Director of Transport, Environment and Planning issued a correction to the report, confirming that paragraph 10 should read “The Executive Member is asked to review the report and the consultation results to inform decisions on the following 3 items” and not “the following 5 items” as stated.


He stated that while the report recommended removing the coin paytment option from car parks and on-street parking, Bootham Row and Castle car parks would retain cash payment as a concession to those who did not wish to lose this option. He added that the report did not recommend expanding pay on exit.


The Executive Member noted that the prior Executive had committed to cashless payment, and the current Executive had put this to consultation. Responding to Councillor Warters point in Public Participation, the Executive Member stated that the decision that two car parks would now be retaining the cash option was the direct result of public feedback at the consultation stage.


The Executive Member noted that appropriate signage should be offered for the nearest coin payment location at all on-street parking locations, since coin payments here will no longer be available.




i.     That the cashless parking consultation results contained with annexes B to P of the report be noted.


Reason: To ensure that decisions are informed by and give due regard to the views of residents and the impacts of any change.


ii.    That cash payment be removed and offer pay by phone as the only way to pay on street for pay and display.


Reason: To give effect to the Full Council Budget Decision. These are the machines most in need of replacement, the level of investment required to replace them and add debit, credit and pre-paid cash card and contactless cannot be justified.


iii.  That cash payment be retained at Bootham Row and Castle Car Parks, for those who cannot use the app or do not have access to a card.


Reason: Gives effect to the consultation that has identified impacts of going cashless on people, some of whom will have protected characteristics. The two car parks recommended are the Gold Standard car parks identified in the access review.





40.        Acomb Front Street Phase 2 - open public engagement on costed designs and ideas for the scheme (10:32am)


The and the Head of City Development and Head of Regeneration  presented the report and responded to public participants.


The Head of Regeneration referenced the concern about highway focus raised in public participation, advising that Front Street was considered a public highway, which constrained some of the framework officers must work within.


With regard to the issue of planting – he acknowledged the positive impact of more plants and trees but stated that there would be technical challenges to this including drainage and footpath obstruction. As Acomb is fortunate enough to have green spaces close by it was not considered top priority.


The Executive Member stated that the Executive were trying to change the plan in Acomb and stressed that further public consultation would be conducted in order to meet the budget timeframe of March 2025.




That open public engagement on the Acomb Front Street phase 2 project approach be approved, in order to test costed designs and ideas for the scheme and receive feedback.




Public engagement, and analysis of feedback responses, is essential to enable officers to finalise detailed designs for the phase 2 works that benefit from public engagement comments; and to ensure that a fully costed scheme can be presented to Executive for consideration and approval to proceed in summer 2024.








Cllr Kilbane, Chair

[The meeting started at 10.01 am and finished at 10.48 am].




























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