City of York Council

Committee Minutes


Decision Session - Executive Member for Finance, Performance, Major Projects and Equalities


12 October 2023


Councillor Lomas (Executive Member)

         In Attendance

Tim Bradley, Asset Manager

Nick Collins, Head of Property Services


6.           Declarations of Interest


The Executive Member was asked to declare, at this point in the meeting, any personal interests, not included on the Register of Interests, or any prejudicial or disclosable pecuniary interests that she might have had in respect of business on the agenda. None were declared.




7.           Minutes


Resolved: That the minutes of the Decision Session of the Executive Member for Finance, Performance, Major Projects, and Equalities held on 10 July 2023 be approved and signed by the Executive Member as a correct record.




8.           Public Participation


It was reported that there had been no registrations to speak at the meeting under the Council’s Public Participation Scheme.




9.           Application for Community Right to Bid under the Localism Act 2011

The Executive Member considered a report that detailed the  applications to renew the listing of the following properties as Assets of Community Value (ACV) for consideration by the council.

a)        Strensall Library, The Village, Strensall, York.

b)        The Deramore Arms Public House, Main Street, Heslington, York.

c)          The Garrison Church of St Wilfrid, Strensall.

The Asset Manager and Head of Property Services provided an overview, noting that:

·         Strensall Library was owned by City of York Council and the application was being made by Strensall Parish Council.

·         The freehold of The Deramore Arms Public House was owned by Spirit Pub Company Limited and the application was being made by Heslington Parish Council.

·         The freehold of Garrison Church was owned by The Secretary of State for Defence/Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) and the application was being made by Strensall Parish Council.

The Executive Member thanked officers for their update and she noted that the freehold owners and occupiers of the properties had been informed of the applications made and that no objections had been received.

Resolved: That the renewal of the listing of:

(i)     Strensall Library, Strensall , York;

(ii)      The Deramore Arms Public House, Heslington, York; and

(iii)      The Garrison Church, Strensall, York

as Assets of Community Value (ACV), for the  reasons outlined within the report, be approved.

Reason: To ensure the council meets its legislative obligations (pursuant to the Localism Act 2011 and the Assets of Community Value (England) Regulations 2012) and promotes community access to community facilities






Cllr Lomas, Executive Member

[The meeting started at 10.00 am and finished at 10.04 am].




























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