Notice of a public meeting of                                 




Councillors Douglas (Chair), Kilbane (Vice-Chair), Coles, Kent, Lomas, Pavlovic, Ravilious and Webb



Tuesday, 20 February 2024



5.30 pm



The George Hudson Board Room - 1st Floor West Offices (F045)







Notice to Members – Post Decision Calling In:


Members are reminded that, should they wish to call in any decisions made on items* on this agenda, notice must be given to Democratic Services by 4:00 pm on Tuesday 27 February 2024.


*With the exception of matters that have been the subject of a previous call in, require Full Council approval or are urgent, which are not subject to the call-in provisions. Any called in items will be considered by the Customer and Corporate Services Scrutiny Management Committee.




1.          Declarations of Interest 



At this point in the meeting, Members and co-opted members are asked to declare any disclosable pecuniary interest, or other registerable interest, they might have in respect of business on this agenda, if they have not already done so in advance on the Register of Interests. The disclosure must include the nature of the interest.


An interest must also be disclosed in the meeting when it becomes apparent to the member during the meeting.


(1)     Members must consider their interests, and act according to the following:


Type of Interest

You must

Disclosable Pecuniary Interests

Disclose the interest, not participate in the discussion or vote, and leave the meeting unless you have a dispensation.

Other Registrable Interests (Directly Related)


Non-Registrable Interests (Directly Related)

Disclose the interest; speak on the item only if the public are also allowed to speak, but otherwise not participate in the discussion or vote, and leave the meeting unless you have a dispensation.

Other Registrable Interests (Affects)


Non-Registrable Interests (Affects)

Disclose the interest; remain in the meeting, participate and vote unless the matter affects the financial interest or well-being:

(a) to a greater extent than it affects the financial interest or well-being of a majority of inhabitants of the affected ward; and

(b) a reasonable member of the public knowing all the facts would believe that it would affect your view of the wider public interest.

In which case, speak on the item only if the public are also allowed to speak, but otherwise do not participate in the discussion or vote, and leave the meeting unless you have a dispensation.


(2)     Disclosable pecuniary interests relate to the Member concerned or their spouse/partner.


(3)     Members in arrears of Council Tax by more than two months must not vote in decisions on, or which might affect, budget calculations, and must disclose at the meeting that this restriction applies to them. A failure to comply with these requirements is a criminal offence under section 106 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992.




2.          Minutes 

(Pages 1 - 18)


To approve and sign the minutes of the Executive meeting held on 25 January 2024.           




3.          Public Participation 



At this point in the meeting members of the public who have registered to speak can do so. Members of the public may speak on agenda items or on matters within the remit of the Executive.


Please note that our registration deadlines are set as 2 working days before the meeting, in order to facilitate the management of public participation at our meetings.  The deadline for registering at this meeting is 5:00pm on 16 February 2024.      


To register to speak please visit to fill in an online registration form.  If you have any questions about the registration form or the meeting, please contact Democratic Services.  Contact details can be found at the foot of this agenda.


Webcasting of Public Meetings


Please note that, subject to available resources, this meeting will be webcast including any registered public speakers who have given their permission. The meeting can be viewed live and on demand at


During coronavirus, we made some changes to how we ran council meetings, including facilitating remote participation by public speakers. See our updates ( for more information on meetings and decisions.





4.          Forward Plan 

(Pages 19 - 22)


To receive details of those items that are listed on the Forward Plan for the next two Executive meetings.




5.          Local Bus Service Updates 

(Pages 23 - 260)


This report seeks the Executive’s approval of changes to the local bus services and note BISP funding and ZEBRA2 bids.




6.          Construction Skills and Retrofit 

(Pages 261 - 376)


The report outlines the need for a new Construction Skills Initiative (CSI York) to support the development of local employment opportunities resulting from key housing and employment sites in the Local Plan and from the work needed to retrofit domestic and commercial properties.




7.          Harewood Whin Green Energy Park (GEP) – Project Initiation 

(Pages 377 - 440)


This report provides an outline of the proposed GEP project at Harewood Whin and requests approval to initiate a project business case.




8.          York Tourism Strategy 

(Pages 441 - 488)


The report outlines the York Tourism Strategy that the Tourism Advisory Board (“TAB”) have developed with industry partners, considers its strategic fit with the Council Plan Priorities, and recommends that Executive ask Full Council to adopt the strategy on behalf of the city. 




9.          Children and Young People’s Plan 2024-2027 

(Pages 489 - 550)


This report presents a new Children and Young People’s Plan (2024-2027).




10.      Corporate Parenting Strategy 

(Pages 551 - 598)


This report seeks the Executive’s approval of the Corporate Parenting Strategy.




11.      Update regarding the Recommission of the current York Reablement service 

(Pages 599 - 682)


The purpose of this report is to provide the Executive with an update with regards the recommission of the Reablement Services, and to submit to the Executive for approval a new procurement timetable for the recommission of the Reablement Service.




12.      Health Protection Annual Assurance Report 

(Pages 683 - 730)


This report provides the Executive with its annual assurance that the health protection system in York meets these obligations and duties, and to give an overview of the health protection activities over the past year.




13.      Urgent Business 



Any other business which the Chair considers urgent under the Local Government Act 1972.




Democratic Services officer:


Name: Robert Flintoft

Contact details:

·        Telephone – (01904) 555704

·        E-mail –  






For more information about any of the following please contact the Democratic Services Officer responsible for servicing this meeting:


·        Registering to speak

·        Business of the meeting

·        Any special arrangements

·        Copies of reports and

·        For receiving reports in other formats


Contact details are set out above.