Notice of a public meeting of

SACRE (Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education)



SACRE members

Group A

Karen Vincent

Penny Coppin-Siddall

Ian Hodgson

Daryoush Mazloum

Imam Mirazam

Ben Rich


Group B

Kirsty Hollinger


Group C

Taco Michiels

Andy Tod


Group D

Cllr Andrew Waller (Chair)

Cllr Ian Cuthbertson

Cllr Fiona Fitzpatrick

Cllr Martin Rowley


LA Officers

Maxine Squire (Assistant Director Education and Skills)


Professional RE Advisor

Olivia Seymour (Assistant Director of Education (Distinctiveness) Diocese of York  



Tuesday, 29 November 2022



6.00 pm



The George Hudson Board Room - 1st Floor West Offices (F045)








1.          Apologies for Absence 





2.          Declarations of Interest 





3.          Minutes of Previous Meeting and Matters Arising 

(Pages 1 - 6)


To approve the minutes of the previous SACRE meeting held on 22 June 2022.




4.          Draft SACRE Annual Report 2021-22 

(Pages 7 - 12)


To consider the Draft SACRE Annual Report 2021-22.




5.          National Data 

(Pages 13 - 16)


Members will receive an update on the national data for GCSEs and A Levels. This will include a break down from schools compared with the national link to NATRE and REC reports.




6.          Development Plan 2022-2024 

(Pages 17 - 20)


To receive a report on progress towards the Development Plan.




7.          National RE and Collective Worship updates 

(Pages 21 - 26)


To receive a report detailing NASACRE updates.




8.          Interfaith Week 



To consider SACRE’s role in Interfaith Week.




9.          Correspondence on complaints / determinations 



A verbal update will be given on complaints received and the  determinations in respect of those complaints.




10.      Work Plan 



To consider items for future meetings.




11.      Urgent Business 





12.      Future meeting dates 



1 February 2023 at 6.00pm in the Hudson room at West Offices




Democracy Officer:

Angela Bielby

Tel: 01904 552599







For more information about any of the following please contact the Democratic Services Officer responsible for servicing this meeting:


·        Registering to speak

·        Business of the meeting

·        Any special arrangements

·        Copies of reports and

·        For receiving reports in other formats


Contact details are set out above.