City of York Council

Committee Minutes


Health and Adult Social Care Policy and Scrutiny Committee


5 July 2022


Councillors Doughty (Chair), Hook (Vice-Chair), Barnes and Cullwick



Officers in attendance

Councillors Heaton, Vassie and Norman


Jamaila Hussain, (Corporate Director of Adult Services and Integration)

Abby Hands, (Head of Transformation)




1.           Declarations of Interest (5:31)


Members were asked to declare, at this point in the meeting, any disclosable pecuniary interests or other registerable interests they might have in respect of business on the agenda, if they had not already done so in advance on the Register of Interests.


Cllr Doughty and Cllr Cullwick declared a personal non prejudicial interest in that they had personal experience of supporting close relatives who had been diagnosed with dementia.




2.           Minutes (5:32)


Resolved: That the minutes of the previous meeting held on 20 April 2022 be approved as a correct record and be signed by the Chair.


Officers agreed to ensure Members received data on suicides and the initiatives taking place in mental health services.




3.           Public Participation (5:34)


It was reported that there had been no registrations to speak at the meeting under the Council’s Public Participation Scheme.






4.           Developing a 5 year Dementia Strategy for York (5:34)


Members considered a report that aimed to brief them on work in progress towards the publication of a Dementia Strategy for York.

The Corporate Director of Adult Services and Integration and the Head of Transformation provided an overview to Members, highlighting how the Strategy had been developed through collaboration between City of York Council and various health, voluntary and community partner organisations, including people who had experience of living with dementia in York.

Members noted that the Strategy would be a living document that would make a real difference and positive impact for people with dementia, including their families and carers. Officers highlighted the national and local context. It was noted that:

·        Nationally 1 in 20 people over 60 and 1 in 5 people over 80 had a form of dementia, with an estimated 2,812 people over 65 currently living with dementia in York.

·        It was estimated that 2/3 people with dementia in York were living in the community, whilst 1/3 were living in care.

·        The value of dementia support provided by unpaid carers in York was around £71.3m.

·        3,860 people could be living with dementia in York by 2030, of which 2,483 of people could be living with severe dementia.

·        In York 60% of carers reported feeling stressed or anxious.

The dementia pathway for York was addressed and the key actions, challenges and priorities relating to the five recognised pathway stages were discussed. These were:

·        Preventing well

·        Diagnosing well

·        Supporting well

·        Living well

·        Dying well

Members noted that the delivery plan would be a working document that would consider the tasks required to reach the council’s ambitions.

Following questions, it was confirmed that:

·        The new strategy would align with the council’s Health and Wellbeing Board Strategy. It would enhance the council’s dementia services and there would be a greater focus on diagnosis and support.

·        The delivery plan would be monitored and measured by officers and various organisations.  The Health and Adult Social Care Policy and Scrutiny Committee would also receive a bi-annual update.

·        The Dementia Hub would provide information and advice and support prevention, early intervention and early diagnosis. The Hub would also welcome self referrals to discuss any concerns.

·        To reduce or to delay the chance of dementia, there would be a campaign to highlight risk factors and what actions could be taken.

·        The value of coaching carers and families was beneficial. It was felt that this could be added to the Dementia Strategy/Delivery Plan.

·        A working group, made up of representatives from health, social care, voluntary and community sector organisations, met monthly to challenge and support the Strategy and the Strategy was on target for publication in September 2022.

·        The diagnosis rates were part of a health assurance framework, and the steering group would establish the trajectory to be put in place to hit the 67% target.

·        A fair cost of care analysis was being undertaken and would be concluded in the autumn. Every individual, regardless if self-funding or not, could ask the council to do a needs assessment for them under the Care Act.

·        The feedback from the Better Care Fund analysis showed that York had a sufficient quantity of domiciliary, residential and nursing care and officers would work to ensure that the right care packages were provided at the right time.

·        There were no significant safeguarding issues around the quality of care provided in York. This was monitored by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and the council’s contracts and quality assurance officers.

·        There were ongoing challenges to retain and recruit staff within the health and care workforce. The recommissioning of the council’s domiciliary care contract could offer officers the opportunity to work with providers to consider a better contractual care package for the workforce.

Members noted that the Health and Wellbeing Board would also be considering the 5 year Dementia Strategy for York.

Resolved: That the report and annexes be considered.

Reason: Having a York Dementia Strategy will clearly establish the common goals for health, social care, and community organisations in the City to deliver quality support to people with dementia and their carers. Once we have an agreed Strategy, we can progress with a delivery plan to achieve the goals outlined and improve the experience for the thousands of people living with dementia in our city.





Cllr Doughty, Chair

[The meeting started at 5.31pm and finished at 6.20pm].




























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