Decision Session - Executive Member for Transport


Tuesday, 18 October 2022




Set out below is a summary of the decisions taken at the meeting of the Decision Session Executive Member for Transport held on Tuesday, 18 October 2022.  The wording used does not necessarily reflect the actual wording that will appear in the minutes.


Members are reminded that, should they wish to call in a decision, notice must be given to Democracy Support Group no later than 4pm on the second working day after this meeting.


If you have any queries about any matters referred to in this decision sheet please contact Democratic Services.



4.               Car Club




                      i.       Noted the new contract with Enterprise Car Club;

                     ii.       That a review of CYC’s role with car clubs takes place during the two year contract period.


Reason:     To maximise the use of car club vehicles in York.




5.               Consideration of the consultation of the parking restrictions in Chantry Lane, Bishopthorpe




                   i.        Agreed to the implementation of the proposal as advertised in Chantry Lane, Bishopthorpe, to help provide protection to the recently installed flood defence barriers.


Reason:    The restrictions will help to ensure that the area in front of the flood defence gates are kept clear to ensure that the flood defence gate can operate and protect the local environment as and when required.




6.               EV Charging Tariff Review October 2022




                   i.        Approved the changing of the EV charging tariffs to: Fast charging (7kW): £0.35 per kWh

Rapid and Ultra-Rapid: £0.46 per kWh

                  ii.        Delegated authority to the Director Environment, Transport and Planning in consultation with the Chief Finance Officer to make future tariff changes without a decision session but to be adequately advertised these changes, and to authorise any necessary legal documentation (or amendments to existing documentation) to effect any such changes to the tariff.


Reason:    The proposed new tariff covers all anticipated running costs for the EV charging network, meets all the objectives set out in the EV strategy and complies with ERDF funding conditions.




7.               The Groves Low Traffic Neighbourhood - Update on permanent closure points design and implementation




                      i.       Approved the implementation of the designs presented in this report for the closure points in The Groves, following the decision to make the Low Traffic Neighbourhood permanent, with decisions on minor changes and planters, linked to the consultation or construction process, delegated to officers.


Reason:     To enable the construction of the permanent closure points to replace the concrete bricks which were used during the trial of the scheme, improving amenity for local residents, emergency access and resilience.




8.               Removable bollards waiver policy and process




                   i.        Approved the development and implementation of an access waiver policy and process, including the proposed fees and charges as outlined in option 2 of paragraph 8, for residents and businesses to apply for an exemption to enable vehicles to gain access through closure points where removable bollards are available. This would apply to large vehicles required for removals, construction/renovation and deliveries of very large items (Option 2);

                  ii.        Delegated the approval and implementation of the policy and process to the Director of Environment, Transport and Planning.


Reason:     To enable residents and businesses to receive large

deliveries in narrow, parked up streets, whilst ensuring that the costs associated with facilitating such access are recovered by the Council.




9.               Consideration of Objections of the extension of R63 ResPark to include properties 298-314 Fulford Road (Even only)




                   i.        Confirmed the decision to make the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) needed to include the properties numbered 298-314 Fulford Road (even No.s only), within an extended Residents Priority Parking zone R63.


Reason:    To positively respond to the original request to provide those properties with an opportunity to apply for a permit to park with in the zone.




10.            Application to stop up parts of the adopted highway verges off Scoreby Lane, Kexby




                   i.        To instruct officers to prepare an application to the Magistrates’ Court for an order to stop up the highway rights over part of the verges off Scoreby Lane in Kexby, shown on the plan at Annex A, subject to the applicant agreeing to bear all costs associated with the application, including serving the required notices, preparing and advertising the application, and progressing it through the court process;


Reason:    To positively respond, in principle, to the application

made by the landowner in July 2022, whilst ensuring that the views of stakeholders are considered and that the Council recovers its costs as per section 117 of the Highways Act 1980. It is important to note that the applicant will be required to pay all costs incurred by the Council regardless of the outcome of the application process. The application would be made on the basis that the areas of highway verge concerned are surplus to highway requirements. The Council may decide not to progress the application to Magistrates Court if significant highway related objections and concerns are raised by stakeholders during the consultation process. It would clearly not be appropriate for the Council to make an application to the Magistrates if it did not itself consider that the highway in question was unnecessary. Even if the Council decides to submit an application for a stopping up order to the Magistrates Court, the final decision to either grant or refuse the order will lie with the Magistrates and the Court’s decision is a discretionary one.




11.            Directorate of Place Transport Capital Programme - 2022/23 Monitor 1 Report




                      i.       Approved the amendments to the 2022/23 Directorate of Place Transport Capital Programme.


Reason:     To implement the council’s transport strategy identified

in York’s third Local Transport Plan and the Council Priorities, and deliver schemes identified in the council’s Transport Programme, including the Active Travel Programme.