City of York Council

Committee Minutes


Staffing Matters and Urgency Committee


20 June 2022


Councillors D'Agorne (Vice-Chair), Hook, Douglas and Widdowson



Officers Present

Helen Whiting – Head of HR

Dawn Steel – Acting Head of Democratic Governance

Ian Cunningham – Head of Business Intelligence



1.           Declarations of Interest (17:30)


At this point in the meeting, Members were asked to declare if

they had any personal interests not included on the Register of

Interests or any prejudicial or disclosable pecuniary interests

that they might have had in the business on the agenda. None were declared.




2.           Exclusion of Press and Public (17:31)


Resolved: That the press and public be excluded from the

meeting during the consideration of agenda items 9, 10, and 11 on the grounds that they contained information relating to individuals and the financial affairs of particular persons. This information is classed as exempt under Paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 of Schedule 12A to Section 100A of the Local Government Act 1972 (as revised by the Local Government (Access to Information) (Variation) Order 2006).




3.           Minutes (17:32)


Resolved: That the minutes of the Staffing Matters and Urgency Committee held on 25 April 2022 be approved and then signed by the Chair as a correct record.




4.           Public Participation (17:32)


It was reported that there had been no registration to speak at

the meeting under the Council’s Public Participation Scheme.





5.           Changes to Membership of Committees, Joint Committees administered by other Councils, Regional Local Authority Bodies and Other Bodies (17:33)


Officers outlined the proposed changes to the membership of committees and outside bodies as outlined in the agenda and the two agenda supplements which had been published. The Committee agreed to approve to the amendments to the appointments made at the Annual Council meeting on 26 May 2022.




                      i.       Approved the change to committee and outside body appointments outlined below:

a.  To appoint Cllr Melly to the West Yorkshire Combined Authority – Corporate Overview and Scrutiny as a substitute;

b.  To appoint Cllr D Taylor Economy and Place Policy and Scrutiny Committee;

c.  To appoint Cllr Looker in place of Cllr Myers to the Corporate Appeals Committee;

d.  To appoint Cllr Myers in place of Cllr Heaton to the Climate Emergency Policy and Scrutiny Committee.


Reason:     In order to make appropriate Council appointments to

Committees and Outside Bodies for the remainder of the current municipal year.




6.           CYC Workforce Profile Report (17:35)


Officers introduced the years end report on the Councils workforce profile, they noted that there were sector wide challenges in employment and that Work with York appointments had increased to fill roles. It was confirmed that sickness absence had returned to similar levels pre-pandemic. The increase for 2021-22 of staff identifying as having a protected characteristic officers noted was likely due to the promotion of staff to update council profiles.


The rise in sickness absence was discussed with about a third of those on absent being due to long term sickness. Officers reassured the Committee that managers were supporting those on long term sickness towards the best outcome for the employee and the Council.


The Committee also discussed how the Council was attempting to recruit and retain staff. It was confirmed that the Council aimed prove itself to be a brand employer, one which encouraged applicants to apply and current employees wish to continue with the Council. Officers also noted that they were attempting different practices to increase its chance of recruiting such as rolling adverts.




                   i.        Noted the workforce profile provided;


Reason:     In order to provide an overview of the workforce profile.




7.           Work Plan (17:50)


The Committee considered their current work plan and requested an update be added to the 15 August 2022 meeting on how the Council is currently using Work with York to fill vacancies.




                      i.       Item on how the Council is currently using Work with York to fill vacancies to be added to the 15 August 2022.


Reason:     To ensure the Committee maintains a program of work.




8.           Death in Service (17:53)


The Committee acknowledged the service of those who had passed away while employed by the Council.




                      i.       Noted the sad news associated with the passing of the employees who have died in service.

                     ii.       For future colleagues who die in service, a request that a letter of condolence be sent from the Lord Mayor to the families of those who had passed.


Reason:     To ensure the Committee is aware of those that pass away

while employed by the Council.


Note: the above item was considered in private session, in accordance with the decision in Minute 2.







9.           Senior Recruitment Campaigns Review (17:54)


The Committee discussed the activity relating to senior

recruitment searches / campaigns undertaken by North Yorkshire

County Council Resourcing Team on behalf of the City of York Council. After considering alternative senior recruitment agencies the Council agreed to the continued use of the North Yorkshire County Council Resourcing Team.




                      i.       Noted the research and quotations for senior recruitment campaigns as outlined in the report;

                     ii.       Noted that HR capacity to undertake senior recruitment exercises is not available in the current structure and therefore, to undertake such exercises an external option when required;

                    iii.       Endorsed the approach of using NYCC Resourcing as outlined in report including governance arrangements (Head of HR evaluation and monitoring arrangements of campaigns and annual quotation exercises to align with procurement guidance).


Reason:     To ensure that the Council continue to undertake effective recruitment campaigns to attract quality candidates as swiftly as possible to then deliver the key aspects of the Council Plan, associated strategies and activities.


Note: the above item was considered in private session, in accordance with the decision in Minute 2.




10.        Redundancy, Pension or Exit Discretion (17:58)


Members considered a report which advised them of expenditure

associated with redundancy, pension or exit discretion. An overview of expenditure was provided in the table at paragraph 5 of the report. There were no costs to the council. Full details were set out in exempt Annexes A to the report.




                   i.        Noted the expenditure associated with each proposal as detailed in the annexes.


Reason:     In order to provide an overview of expenditure.


Note: the above item was considered in private session, in accordance with the decision in Minute 2.









Cllr D’Agorne, Vice Chair

[The meeting started at 17:30 and finished at 18:00].




























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