Licensing Hearing


Monday, 13 June 2022


Notice of Decision



6.               The Determination of a Section 18(3)(a) Application by Tesco Stores Ltd. for a Premises Licence in respect of 45 - 49 Gillygate, York, YO31 7EA (CYC-070642)


Meeting reconvened remotely in private session at 10:30 am on 13 June 2022.


PRESENT: Councillors Melly (Chair), Galvin and Wann


The Sub-Committee resolved to approve Option 2 and grant the licence with modified / additional conditions imposed by the Sub-Committee, as set out below:






Supply of alcohol – off the premises

Monday to Sunday 06:00 – midnight

Late night refreshment

Monday to Sunday 23:00 – midnight

Opening hours

Monday to Sunday 06:00 – midnight


The additional/modified conditions are as follows:


(i)      There shall be no sale of single cans of beer, lager or cider from the premises and no sales of single bottles of beer, lager or cider in vessels of less than 500ml with the exception of premium craft products.


(ii)      There will be no display of alcohol within 5 metres of the store entrance.


(iii)     The premises licence holder or designated premises supervisor is responsible for risk assessing the need for door staff at the premises. Where engaged, door staff shall be licensed by the Security Industry Authority.


(iv)    Viewing of CCTV images shall be made available immediately upon request of a Police officer or authorised officer of the Licensing Authority throughout the entire 31 day retention period [referred to in the CCTV condition in the operating schedule submitted by the Applicant].


No conditions have been removed from the operating schedule submitted by the Applicant.



The full reasons for the Sub-Committee’s decision will be included in the detailed Decision Letter which will be provided to the Applicant and Representors in due course.


There is a right of appeal for the Applicant and the Representors to the Magistrates’ Court against this decision. Any appeal to the Magistrates Court must be made within 21 days of receipt of the Decision Letter and sent to the following address:


Chief Executive

York and Selby Magistrates Court

The Law Courts

Clifford Street