City of York Council

Committee Minutes


Guildhall Ward Committee


26 July 2021


COUNCILLORS Craghill, Fitzpatrick and Looker


Jane Meller, CYC/WWY, to take Minutes

Shiona Marsh, CYC, CIO

Siobhan Moore CYC LAC

Andy Kerr, CYC, Regeneration team – to present an update on City Centre consultations

Gwen Swinburn – resident

Ann Stacey – Chair of the Groves Association

Scott Jobson – My Sight York (ward funding update)

Matt Harper-Hardcastle – Next Door But One (ward funding update)

Beryl Riley – The Hut (ward funding update)

Paula Stainton – YCFC Foundation (ward funding update)

Michael Reakes– River Foss Society (ward funding update)

Penny Bainbridge – FOGGEY and Edible York (ward funding update)

James Flinders

Chris Donegani

Paul Ellison





PC John Armstrong – not permitted to attend Zoom Michaela Shaw – Community Bees



1.               Welcome and Introduction


The meeting was chaired by Councillor Craghill who welcomed everyone and set out the agenda. 


She read the following statement: Information within this Zoom meeting should only be discussed if appropriate to be openly shared, i.e. no personal, official or commercially sensitive information should be discussed. This Zoom meeting is not authorised to be recorded unless agreed otherwise prior with CYC (which it is not). Also, please keep yourself on mute to minimise background noise, unless you are speaking. You are welcome to raise your hand to wait to speak, the Chair will lead you in this.


Aims to finish meeting by 20:15. Meeting was not recorded.




2.               Ward Budgets 21/22 & Ward Priorities 21/22


Ward budgets 21/22

Cllr Craghill went through the Ward funding budget and spending as follows:


·         WARD FUNDING - £72k allocated: of which, as of this month, £56k remaining

·         Budget Allocations for 2021-22:

o   £12k Pride In York (improving the landscape)

o   £12k COVID-19 Recovery Fund (recovery as we move through the pandemic)

o   £9k Core Budget (to support ward priorities)

o   £37k Carryover (leftover from previous budget[s])


Pride in York

COVID-19 Recovery Fund

Core Budget

2020-21 Carryover


Total Start Amount for 2021-22












Leftover in the pot







Scheme Reference

Scheme Details

Ward Team Decision

Amount  applied for:

Pride in York

COVID-19 Recovery Fund

Core Budget

2020-21 Carryover


Next Door But One

Funding Released







Move The Masses

With Ward Committee







Citizens Advice

Funding Released







River Foss Society








York Archaeological Trust

With Ward Committee







YCFC Foundation

Funding Released







York City Knights

With Ward Committee







Community Bees








Michael Reakes sought clarification for the £1,580.40 figure for the River Foss society.

Shiona Marsh confirmed that the total included the quote for the installation of the interpretive

sign plus the planning pre-application fee.


Cllr Fitzpatrick requested to know where the funding for Tower Gardens came from, would ask

Andy Kerr following his presentation later.


Cllr Craghill explained the budget and spending for the HEIP & Highways.


HEIP - £57k remaining

Annual Allocation

4 year TOTAL

Allocated to date

Remaining balance





2021 Scheme Proposal Details:

·         Bin Stores Huby Court

·         Bin Stores Hope Street/Walmgate

·         Groves Courtyard Improvement Trial Scheme


HIGHWAYS - £87k remaining

Allocation of £250k 2019/20

Allocation of Additional £1m*

Allocation of £250k 2020/21 onwards*

Carry Forward from 2019


Ward Approved Spends to Date

Outstanding Balance








2021 Scheme proposal details:

1.      Union Terrace traffic management scheme.

2.       Bin by shambles car park


Cllr Craghill confirmed that she fully expects the budget to be spent and identified the disabled

access improvement scheme for Aldwark, Ogleforth & Goodramgate as another project

requiring funding.


Cllr Fitzpatrick explained that the bin at the Shambles car park was in response to the River

Foss Society’s request.  As the land is owned by BT she would like the River Foss Society to

take on responsibility for emptying the bin.


Michael Reakes thanked Cllr Fitzpatrick and explained that there are regular litter picks. He will

pass the information on to the appropriate persons within the society.



Ward priorities 21/22


Cllr Craghill identified the established ward priorities below and asked if anyone had any

suggestions for changes.  None were suggested.



·         to increase recycling

·         better maintenance of parks and green spaces

·         reduction of anti-social behaviour

·         for children to be able to play out safely

·         fewer people suffering from loneliness

·         for people to embrace diversity in their communities





3.               Ward Partner Funding Updates


Ward partner funding updates


·        Paula Stainton – YCFC – Ward funding has been used to provide City Kickabout in the park for children aged 4-13 years, within the ward and across the city. Aims to promote use of your park, use of green spaces across York.  Funding has been used to provide a waterproof bag and snack, tackling issues such as litter, physical activity, social inclusion, food poverty.  Covers 8 parks every week.  Started 3.5 weeks ago, promoted by banners, QR code, social media.  Within the ward 175 spaces have been booked – must be booked due to Covid – out of 300 available.  Bookings can be taken on the day at the park. Cllr Fitzpatrick requested a breakdown for the ward.  Paula confirmed that this would be provided.


·        Scott Jobson – My Sight York – their service was needed immediately by members when Covid hit, and funding was also required immediately.  The project enabled blind or partially-sighted clients to be paired with a regular volunteer caller. They were able to discuss and provide support with a range of difficulties such as leaving the house, shopping, cooking, and banking.  116 regular calls were made, 2360 total calls, by 45 volunteers, Clients said ‘it’s been a lifeline’ and a vital service.  They also provided a delivery service using volunteers to deliver specialist equipment - 490 pieces - allowing people to live independently.  They are very grateful for the speed of response by council, it was nothing short of lifesaving. Will send an impact report.


·        Matt Harper-Hardcastle – Next Door But One – thanks for having him.  This is a theatre company who have developed an audio walk exploring women’s safety, entitled ‘She was walking home’. This is a women’s project with an all-female staff.  Phase one completed, surveyed 30 women - 16 of those from guildhall aged 20-mid 50’s from mixed backgrounds, socio-economic groups and those with disabilities. Walk Safe app connected with the audio tour.  It’s a call to arms to keep women safe in the city centre. Feedback on the project is very positive with many thanking them and appreciating the funding from council. Podcast is phase 3, QR codes/posters linked to the audio tour and Walk Safe app.  They will feedback on the impact for the ward.



·        Beryl Riley – The Hut – Thanks for the funding to support the project.  Registered charity providing short and long term support mental and or disabilities.  Open door policy, do not need to be referred.  Opened the Hubble, in a renovated toilet block to have more sessions as Covid has reduced numbers that can be accommodated in the Hut.  Creative support for the programme to improve communication and capabilities of members – Council funding has provided more activity packs with more appealing stock. They are selling more packs due to the improvements leading to more profit.  An IPad has also been purchased this has improved training opportunities and they have been able to contact more people directly.  Arts & Crafts project – ‘Hutmake’ making soap, candles etc. to sell to improve income for the Hut. The funding for Publicity purchased Facebook credits to improve marketing and raise awareness of the project. A portable projection screen & trolley was also purchased for training purposes.

They want to build community relations and improve Mental health in the community in the future and thank everyone for the grant.  They plan an open day in September.  Location is opposite York District Council, Wiggington Rd, the old bowling green hut on a 99 year lease from the council.  Hubble is the toilet block recently raised £106,000 opened 5th July.

Beryl was asked: How many residents benefit?  200 members, 100 regularly.  Do they come from Guildhall?  Beryl will find out. Hope to hold coffee mornings & open days to invite community along. They will include the information on the Ward Grant Monitoring Report.


·        Michael Reakes – River Foss Society – in 2020 they replaced 2 benches & willow trees, interpretive sign, near King Georges field.  Two more applications in for another interpretive sign explaining the industrial heritage, which is awaiting planning, plus a proposal for a picnic bench on Monkbridge Landing.


·        Penny Bainbridge – FOGGEY and Edible York – Friends of Guildhall ward gardens and Edible York, Feb 2020 event – Red Tower area with fruit trees and bushes, residents wanted to improve the trees, learn how to prune & look after them, talked to local residents.  Very wet day, but the fruit trees must be pruned in winter. The volunteers persevered, bought hand tools for residents in a store, simple guides to pruning, general tidy up, weeding etc.  Different contributors.  Focus on small scale projects that make an improvement.


·        Ellie Tillotson – Toolbox Drama – absent.



Cllr Craghill explained that if anyone has ideas for projects, Shiona Marsh can support applications, budget available, open spaces budget available.

Michael Reakes – Foss Fairy trail – flat area, might benefit from seating.

Gwen Swinburn – Schemes all sounded marvellous.  Suggested posters inviting people to submit projects, she has seen them in other wards, a good idea? She has identified Section 106 fund money available.  Clarence gardens funding not being used, possible adult gym? 

Cllr Looker – reminded that section 106 fund is ring-fenced, Cllr Craghill would like to make use of the funding if possible, Cllr Fitzpatrick thanked Gwen for her very helpful suggestions and contribution.




4.               City Centre Projects Update


City centre projects update - Andy Kerr, CYC regeneration Presentation


Covid response - re-opening of the city centre aimed at making it economically viable. Outdoor seating provided to aid social distancing, the council has worked with Make it York and The Bid.  There is a range of seating & tables not business-specific that are free to use; positive feedback has been received.  Parliament Street is now moving to a more commercial offering, and outdoor seating will stay until September.


My City Centre – The aim of the project is to:  Engage the public and stakeholders to develop a long term social, environmental and economic strategic vision for a sustainable future for the city centre

The council is working with public and stakeholders, the project started in 2020, paused in April 2020 and restarted May 2021 to drive the Covid response. The stakeholder group have helped shape the engagement and have responded using the online map with thumbs up and down and Facebook Q&A.  There is an emerging vision – A city centre everyone wants to be part of.

Outcomes of the consultation

      More family-friendly city centre

      More resident focus to our events and spreading them out across the city

      Encouraging more families in to the city centre after 5pm in the week

      Improving the markets

      Acknowledge the importance of tourism but how we can make sure residents benefit

      Making the most of our rivers

There will be a public consultation late August/September, November for executive approval.  There will be an action plan developed with Make it York and The Bid.


Review of access and parking – the aim is to improve access for all, the review has been commissioned in response to the decision to make the foot streets permanent. It will create a hierarchy of council car parks to decide future priorities.

It will cover disabled access, deliveries, Taxis, cycling and footpaths.  The draft vision will be put out for consultation Aug/Sept – November for approval.  There will be a decision at this point as to whether the new foot streets will become permanent.


Castle Gateway – Castle Mills and riverside park will include 106 apartments, commercial spaces, pedestrian cycle bridge over the River Foss, new public riverside park behind the Castle Museum (which has been behind a pay wall), pedestrian/cycle crossing point over the inner ring road. The sale of the apartments will fund the new multi-storey car park. Castle Mills projected to start early 2022


St Georges Field multi-storey car park.  This will consolidate parking on St Georges Field and provide 372 parking spaces, 25 coach spaces - this enables the closure of the Castle car park and offsets lost revenue. Projected start date Spring 2022, for an Autumn 2023 completion.


Castle and the Eye of York – A new world-class public realm to replace the Castle car park. Will provide year-round event space in the area. Planning needs to be submitted this summer for the shovel ready project. £3.5m West Yorkshire Transport funding has been secured and this is part of the council’s Levelling Up bid to improve the whole city centre. Start Autumn 2023, post completion of MSCP. Projection at this point to be completed Autumn 2024.


Riverside walkway

An explanation was given of the various riverside proposals including improving routes along the river and footbridges across the rivers.


      Bridge to be considered as part of Local Transport Plan 4 to understand if the strategic business case means it is an investment or funding priority

      Continue to work with Helmsley Group to shape their proposals for the emerging Riverside Quarter

      Await the outcome of the Levelling Up Funding bid for the public sector match funding



Andy Kerr summed up with the key points to deliver the Riverside walkway, reinvest in Parliament St, and improve accessibility in the city centre.


Cllr Looker asked in relation to the public space at Clifford’s Tower if there is a fountain in the plans.  Andy Kerr confirmed that a ground level water feature is included.


Michael Reakes said that he was pleased to see that the riverside is a priority, increasing paths along the river Foss would be very nice. He also asked that it be noted that with regard to accessibility into city from Scarborough direction, it would be very useful if the Park and Ride buses dropped off at the hospital for appointments.


Cllr Fitzpatrick said that the Riverside Quarter exists already and that they have had their first meeting which she attended.  The group are concerned that the Riverside Quarter includes Coney St.  She went to the Clifford’s Tower meeting for a look around, she can see that there is funding coming to Tower Gardens. She enquired as to where the money funding came from.

Andy Kerr responded that new benches have gone in as part of the funding, he will check how much funding is left and will come back on that.


Gwen Swinburn stated that following the citizens audit £10,000 had been spent and at least £10,000 is still available.  She raised the issue of the trees being a cause for concern in Parliament Street.  This was supported by several attendees to the meeting.

Andy Kerr stated that the Levelling Up fund is available to all Local authorities to apply for, whilst there is a high level of competition he believes a strong bid has been submitted.  Parliament St is at the forefront of the thinking. If the purpose of and how Parliament St will look in the future can be defined, then the council will know whether the trees will contribute to that future and can act accordingly.  He acknowledged that the tree roots are affecting the pavements and buildings.





5.               Ward Councillor Update


Slot not used to allow more time for other agenda items.  Councillors gave updates throughout the meeting.




6.               Have Your Say and Any other business


Lesley Bowes asked whether the funding is secured for the security gates at Huby Court.  Shiona Marsh explained that is the security gate for the bins stores and that HMO, will be a consultation prior to installing.  Cllr Craghill stated that there is no reason to not go forward. Lesley Bowes requested a gate with a key pad.

Cllr Fitzpatrick agreed with Lesley and said that there is no need for a consultation and that the bins need secure gates. 

James Flinders stated that there has been no maintenance on the security gates for bin stores and also identified a lack of gardening on the estate. 


Cllr Fitzpatrick mentioned that on Navigation road to the Red Tower shrubbery is on the pavement, as councillor she will be reporting this.  It was agreed that this needs maintaining and that it should not be necessary to step into the road. 

Cllr Craghill agreed that it’s an issue and would like it to improve.  It needs more clarity.


Lesley Bowes stated that gardening twice a year doesn’t take into account how plants grow and that it needs looking at.


Gwen Swinburn said that there a several ward projects and she would like more or better information / description of the projects, especially ‘multiple ward projects’. For example what is the £5000, going to York Archaeological Trust for?  Cllr Craghill confirmed that it is going to Willow house.

Cllr Looker thanked everybody for their attendance.








Cllr Craghill, Chair

[The meeting started at 6.00 pm and finished at 8.15 pm].