Licensing/Gambling Hearing




Councillors Galvin, Hook and Norman



Thursday, 17 June 2021



10.00 am



Remote Meeting











1.          Chair 


To elect a Member to act as Chair of the meeting.




2.          Introductions 





3.          Declarations of Interest 


At this point in the meeting, Members are asked to declare:


·        any personal interests not included on the Register of Interests

·        any prejudicial interests or

·        any disclosable pecuniary interests


which they may have in respect of business on this agenda.





4.          Exclusion of Press and Public 


To consider excluding the Press and Public during the sub-committee’s deliberations and decision-making at the end of the hearing, on the grounds that the public interest in excluding the public outweighs the public interest in that part of the meeting taking place in public, under Regulation 14 of the Licensing Act 2003 (Hearings) Regulations 2005.





5.          Minutes  (pages 7-26)


To approve the minutes of Licensing Hearings held on 29 April 2021 and 24 May 2021.




6.          The Determination of an Application by Hardy Ltd. for a Section 18(3) (a) Premises Licence in respect of 7 Castlegate, York, YO1 9RN (CYC-068419)  (pages 27-83)






Democratic Services officer:

Name: Fiona Young

Contact Details:

·        Telephone – (01904) 552030

·        Email -



For more information about any of the following, please contact the Democratic Services officer responsible for servicing this meeting:

·        Business of the meeting

·        Any special arrangements

·        Copies of reports and

·        For receiving reports in other formats.


Contact details are set out above.


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