Decision Session - Executive Member for Transport


Tuesday, 19 April 2022




Set out below is a summary of the decisions taken at the meeting of the Decision Session Executive Member for Transport held on Tuesday, 19 April 2022.  The wording used does not necessarily reflect the actual wording that will appear in the minutes.


Members are reminded that, should they wish to call in a decision, notice must be given to Democracy Services by 5pm on the 21 September 2022.


If you have any queries about any matters referred to in this decision sheet please contact Robert Flintoft.



4.               ePetition: CYC solve the York University related parking, don't just MOVE it




                      i.       Approved the increased engagement of the School Travel team with the Archbishop Holgate School and University of York.


Reason:     To help educate and encourage staff and students to

utilise alternative modes of transport and help reduce impact on nearby residential streets.




5.               Consideration of representations received to the advertised R70 Residents Priority Parking Scheme for Kilburn Road, Alma Terrace and Alma Grove, Fishergate.




                   i.        Implement the advertised R70 scheme for Kilburn Road, Alma Grove, and Alma Terrace;

                  ii.        Advertisement for the inclusion of Frances Street, Ambrose Street, Holly Terrace, Carey Street and Wenlock Terrace within the R70 residents parking area be implemented.


Reason:    To provide the improved parking provision for residents of Kilburn Road, Alma Grove, and Alma Terrace, in line with the majority preferences received within the consultation and limited objections submitted to the advertised proposals from the nearby area. As well as allowing consultation to take place with the wider area regarding inclusion into the R70 scheme.




6.               Consideration of representations received to the advertised Residents Priority Parking scheme for 5-11 Main Street Fulford – R67C




                      i.       That Option 3 be approved to uphold the objections and take no further action to formalise a residents priority parking scheme at this time but to continue to monitor for future consideration if residents petition for residents parking.


Reason:     To listen to residents’ concerns whilst taking into account the number of properties against the number of objections received. Consequently not disadvantaging residents by formalising parking restrictions which in turn reduces the available on street parking amenities.




7.               Consideration of representations received following the advertisement of the Resident’s Priority Parking Scheme (Respark) on Revival Estate




                      i.       Approved to uphold the objections received and take no further action in relation to the advertised R69 Residents Priority Parking Scheme.


Reason:     Due to the objections received and impact that this will have on a number of residents of the area combined with the survey results which show that college parking is having a limited impact on parking levels on the estate.


                     ii.       That the Revival Estate be added to the 2022 Annual Review of Traffic Restrictions.


Reason:     Due to the representations made in relation to safety of pedestrian/vehicles around the estate.




8.               Consideration of objections received for 2020 Annual Review of Traffic Regulation Order Requests- St.Oswald’s Road




                      i.       Approved to implement a lesser restriction to the advertised proposal on St. Oswald Road and its junctions with Connaught Court and Love Lane. It is recommended to implement no waiting at any time restrictions to the junctions of Connaught Court and Love Lane.


Reason:     Following receipt of the objections, further site visits were completed and found no obstruction issues between the junction of Connaught Court and Atcherley Close.




9.               TSAR Traffic Signal Refurbishment – Barbican Road/Paragon Street




                      i.       Approved the proposed design option presented in Annex A of the report.


Reason:     To achieve the core aim of replacing the life-expired traffic signal asset to established TSAR programme standards such that it can continue operate and be repaired economically before it becomes unmaintainable. Additionally, the formalisation of the existing uncontrolled crossing facility over Barbican Road and the introduction of a new crossing of Paragon Street provides a significant improvement to pedestrian and cyclist safety at the junction and will assist in reducing existing levels of pedestrian/cyclist conflict at the south western corner of the junction which have previously been highlighted as an issue.