Decision Session - Executive Member for Transport


Monday, 14 February 2022




Set out below is a summary of the decisions taken at the meeting of the Decision Session Executive Member for Transport held on Monday, 14 February 2022.  The wording used does not necessarily reflect the actual wording that will appear in the minutes.


Members are reminded that, should they wish to call in a decision, notice must be given to Democratic Services by 5pm on 16 February 2022.


If you have any queries about any matters referred to in this decision sheet please contact RobertFlintoft.



4.               Consideration of Objections for ResPark for Broadway West




                      i.       Confirmed the decision to make the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) needed to introduce the Residents Parking scheme set out in the report and annexes. The proposed restrictions affect Broadway West and include 296 Fulford Road. They would be added to an extended Residents’ Priority Parking Zone R63.


Reason:     To positively respond to original petitions and further

comments received, supporting Residents Parking controls in Broadway West, which the Executive Member considered in 2021 and to implement a scheme that reflects the majority view gained

from more recent consultation in the area.


                     ii.       Approved the removal of the section of street being the initial length Westfield Drive from the scheme.


Reason:     To respond to the views expressed on the configuration preferred by some residents.


                    iii.       Approved the extension of the zone as drafted to include those properties on the west side of Fulford Road (even numbers) 298 to 314.


Reason:     To respond to the views expressed on the configuration preferred by a local resident whose property fronts a section of Fulford Road that is subject to no waiting at any time.




5.               Update on E-scooter trials




                      i.       Approved the continuation with the micro-mobility trial, in line with the DfT extension and that the current operator (TIER) will remain the sole provider in York until the end of the trial period.


Reason:     Continuation of the trial in York until the 30th November 2022 in line with the DfT’s expectations provides important feedback to the creation of national guidelines. It allows the approx. 6,000 current users making 20,000 trips a month to continue using the sustainable methods of transport to get around the city.


                     ii.       Approved the generation of a permanent Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) for the scheme as the Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (E-TRO) will expire in March.


Reason:     The experimental Traffic Regulation Order that allows Escooters to the list of permitted vehicles allowed to travel wherever cycles are permitted expires on 5 April 2022 and cannot legally be extended.


                    iii.       Confirmed that e-bikes to use CYC cycle racks with capacity restrictions so that there is plenty of space for other cycles at all times.


Reason:     Allowing e-bikes (not e-scooters) to use cycle racks around  the city will encourage adoption of cycling by making journey start and end points convenient an accessible to more people. This will also make e-bikes accessible to residents living in York’s outer villages such as Haxby & Poppleton where scooter parking has not been easy to identify.




6.               Consideration of results from the consultation with residents of Mount Vale Drive, Mount Vale Gardens and Towton Avenue




                   i.        Approved the implementation of the as proposed ‘No Waiting’ at any time restrictions for Mount Vale Drive, Mount Vale Gardens and Towton Avenue.


Reason:    To introduce required restrictions to ensure that waste services vehicles can continue to access Mount Vale Gardens and Towton Avenue safely to undertake their statutory duties. This will also help reduce the risk of damage to the kerb line from vehicle over run.




7.               Position on use of signalled controlled pedestrian crossing technology




                      i.       Noted the report.


Reason:     To remain updated on the Council’s policy for the installation of pedestrian controlled traffic signal crossings.  




8.               Active Travel Programme – Project Scope




                      i.       Approved the project outlines including the extension of the Acomb Road scheme to include the section from Beckfield Lane to Hebden Rise, with a number of individual changes to the documents detailed in the minutes. To delegate to the Director of Environment, Transport and Planning in consultation with the Executive Member further amendments to the outlines of the projects.


Reason:     To enable officers to progress projects effectively within the Active Travel Programme.


                     ii.       Agreed to delegate to the Director of Environment, Transport and Planning in consultation with Director of Governance and Chief Finance Officer the procurement of design resource for the ‘A19 Cycle Scheme’ and the A1237 section over the River Ouse’ scheme.


Reason:     To support progress of the identified projects.


                    iii.       Confirmed and approved the proposed prioritisation of projects within the programme.


Reason:     To support the creation of more accurate programme timescales and allow more effective assignment of resource.


                   iv.       Confirmed and approved the budget allocation follows the above prioritisation in decision iii. This approach being one that assigns funding to projects as and when the necessary feasibility information becomes available, rather than waiting for information on all projects within the programme.


Reason:     To ensure an appropriate balance is reached between obtaining value for money and the expeditious delivery of schemes.