City of York Council

Committee Minutes


Decision Session - Executive Member for Transport


22 June 2021


Councillors D'Agorne and Widdowson




1.              Declarations of Interest


The Executive Member was asked to declare, at this point in the meeting, any personal interests, not included on the Register of Interests, or any prejudicial or disclosable pecuniary interests that he might have had in respect of business on the agenda. He confirmed he had none.




2.              Minutes


Resolved:  That the minutes of the Decision Session of the Executive Member for Transport and Planning held on 11 May 2021 be approved and signed by the Executive Member as a correct record, subject to the below corrections:

Minute 82 should refer to the option to franchise York’s bus services not refranchise.

Minute 84 that the Council received a response from 14% of households not that the consultation only reached 14% of households.




3.              Public Participation


It was reported that there had been ten registrations to speak at the meeting under the Council’s Public Participation Scheme. However, due to withdrawals and technical issues four registered speakers did not speak at the meeting.


Rose Drew raised concerns about the proposal to remove and establish new blue badge parking spaces around the city due to the impact disabled residents accessing the city centre. She noted that the city already had one of the largest foot street zones in the country and the plans would prevent those with mobility issues accessing certain parts of the city centre and by the time restrictions would be lifted in the day shops would be closing preventing use access.


Councillor Pavlovic thanked officers and the new Vice Chancellor of the University of York for recognising the issues of parking when living near the University for residents, an issue which he noted had persisted for years. He asked that the proposed residents parking be extended to include all of New Park Drive to prevent one half of the street becoming a site diverted parking. He also noted a local petition from residents in support of the whole street being included within the scheme.


Councillor Kilbane spoke on a number of items. He asked why decisions were being made on blue badge parking spaces while the My City Centre Consultation was still underway? In relation to the South Bank residents parking scheme he noted that with many streets not making the 50% response rate needed, that the Council should expect a potential rise in parking on non-residential parking streets and that the Council needed to consider a broader solution to parking across the city. Finally he raised concerns that regarding the delays to the Active Travel Fund highlighted in item 10 and questioned the ability of the Council to deliver scheme and whether active travel was a priority for the Council.


Martin Emerson spoke in relation to the residents parking proposal near the University of York. He noted that residents felt they were not aware enough of the consultation undertaken by the Council. He requested that the scheme include all of New Park Drive and also referred to the support from the local petition.


Anne Norton spoke on behalf of York Disability Rights Forum in relation to the removal and moving of blue badge parking spaces. She noted that while the Council had made improvements many members of the York Disability Rights Forum maintained concerns that they would not be suitable to provide access to the city centre. She asked that the Council continue mapping exercises to identify non-accessible areas within the city. Finally she highlighted concerns from disabled residents to York Open Data referring to the city as being accessible.


Councillor Melly also spoke in relation to the changes to blue badge parking. She noted that the footstreet extension had many benefits for those that could access to the city centre including being a benefit to businesses, however, she highlighted that this was only for those that could access the city centre and that more should be done to ensure accessible for everyone.




4.              Review e-scooter and e-bike trial to date and consider options for extension of the trial


The Executive Member was joined in consultation on the item by the Executive Member for Environment and Climate Change. Officers provided background to the scheme and the decision by the Department for Transport (DFT) to extend their scheme until March 2022. Members supported the extension proposal in York and highlighted the success of the current trial, as well as, its contribution to sustainable travel.




                      i.       To continue with the e-scooter and e-bike trial in line with the DfT guidance; to agree that the current operator will remain the sole provider in York (in line with the DfT guidance) and continue contribution of officer time in kind. To also increase the maximum number of e-scooters permitted in York from 700 to 1000.


Reason:     To enable continuation of the trial in York until the 31st March 2022, in line with the DfT’s requirements. Continued contribution of officer time to ensure safe continuation of the trial. An increase in the maximum number of e-scooters permitted will ensure demand is met.




5.              Footstreets Traffic Regulation Order Proposals


The Executive Member for Transport whilst noting the wide

nature of disabilities that can impact members of our community

and how the TRO therefore impacts individuals differently

welcomed the report. He noted that the current temporary

measure had initially supported social distancing and is now

assisting with giving confidence to visitors and residents that

York is a safe City, by allowing City Centre Businesses to take

advantage of the Government’s relaxation of regulations

regarding Café Licences.

The Executive Member enquired how the consultation in this

report related to the My City Centre consultation. Officers

confirmed that the traffic regulation orders could be amended in

order to align with any scheme that arose from my City Centre

Consultation which is addressing the whole City Centre not the

smaller area that is the subject of the consultation in this report.




                   i.        Approved the request to advertise the proposal to amend the Traffic Regulation Order, to remove the exemptions on vehicles with a Blue Disabled User Badge from permitted access to the footstreets during the pedestrian hours, as set out in the report.


Reason:    To increase public safety in areas of high footfall and reduce the level of conflict between vehicles and pedestrians, particularly in busy periods.


                  ii.        Approved the advertisement of new Blue Badge parking areas on the outskirts of the pedestrian area and approve further investigation into some additional areas with the exception of two spaces on St Andrew’s Place.


Reason:    To provide an improved level of Blue Badge parking and increase the availability of Blue Badge parking amenity.




6.              Residents’ Parking in South Bank Response to Draft Order


The Executive Member considered the report and supported that the proposals would allow for short stay parking to still access the GP surgery, he also supported the inclusion of the cricket club into the Residents Parking Scheme.







                          i.    Approved the decision to make the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) needed to introduce the ResPark scheme set out in the report and to include the Cricket Club within the scheme.


Reason:     To positively respond to original petitions and further

comments received, supporting ResPark controls in streets in the South Bank area, which the Executive Member considered in August 2020 and to implement a scheme that reflects the majority view gained from more recent consultation in the area.




7.              Residents’ Parking around University Response to Draft Order


The Executive Member considered the report and noted that under the section 106 agreement with the University of York the first permit for households included within the Residents Parking Scheme. It was confirmed that there would be short stay parking for shops on Yarbrough Way.


Consideration was given to including all of Newland Park Drive. Officers confirmed that consultation on the street had seen 29 in favour and 14 against residents parking, however, 13 of the against were on the east side of the road and therefore the east side had not been included. The Executive Member considered the residents petition that had been submitted as a written representation to the meeting, and he agreed that if not included, the east side of Newland Park Drive would likely become a magnet to traffic looking to park in the area. Therefore confirmed that all of Newland Park Drive should be included within the Residents Parking Scheme.




                      i.       The Executive Member confirmed the decision to make the Traffic Regulation Order needed to introduce the Residents’ Priority Parking scheme set out in the report but included all homes on Newland Park Drive.


Reason:     To positively respond to comments received from local residents and to utilise the further funding available to establish which areas (of streets) would be considered to benefit from the introduction of ResPark controls and to implement those measures.




8.              St Mary’s Traffic Regulation Order Amendment


Officers provided an update on the scheme and provided an update on the consultation that had been held. It was noted that one objection had been received, however, no detail for the objection was provided. Officers confirmed that the signals required replacement and the Executive Member noted his support for a scheme which supported a largely off road cycle and pedestrian route from the railway station to the hospital.




                          i.    Noted and agreed to over-rule the objection to the TRO amendment and implement as advertised.

                        ii.    Approved the implementation of the proposed signal layout as shown in Annex B subject to the outcome of a Road Safety Audit on the detailed design.


Reason:     To allow for the introduction of the traffic signalised

junction in order provide improvements to cycle links and to enhance road safety.




9.              Vehicle Crossings Policy


Officers introduced the report and outlined the policy that was presented in Annex A for consideration to be adopted. The Executive Member welcomed the policy and hoped it would provide officers a framework to work from but raised concerns about a potential impact on disabled residents and cyclists at crossings, officers confirmed that mitigations would still be handled within the design process of individual schemes.




                          i.    Considered the results of the consultation process and confirm the adoption of the policy presented in Annex A.


Reason:     To support the decision making process for vehicle

crossing applications submitted to City of York Council under Section 184 of the Highways Act 1980 and through the planning process.




10.           Directorate of Place 2021/22 Transport Capital Programme – Consolidated Report


Officers introduced the report noting the grants and funding that was carried over from 2020/21 to the 2021/22 Transport Capital Programme. An update was provided on the delays to the Active Travel Fund, it was noted that the Department for Transport had altered its requirements for schemes within the fund which had delayed some schemes.




                          i.    Approved the carryover schemes and adjustments set out in the report and annexes.

                        ii.    Noted the amendments to the 2021/22 Directorate of Place Transport Capital Programme, subject to approval by the Executive.


Reason:     To implement the council’s transport strategy identified in York’s third Local Transport Plan and the Council Priorities, and deliver schemes identified in the council’s Transport Programme.




11.           STEP – Transport Data Platform


Officers introduced the report and provided an update on the aims of the commissioning of a seven year contract in order to establish and maintain the STEP Data Platform. It was confirmed that the platform would aim to provide real time reactions data and assist in the creation of better modelling.




                          i.    Noted STEP progress to date and approved the commissioning of the STEP Data Platform so the procurement may be completed under officer delegated authority.



·Commissioning the STEP Data Platform will allow CoYC to fulfil the grant funding conditions.

· A Transport Data Platform Prototype has proven the concept and technical integrations work, removing a lot of technical risk.

·A Procurement exercise has been carried out, so contract costs are known.

·A feed of live transport Data from the Prototype has been used by the Government to track COVID travel patterns and has positively raised the profile of CoYC.

·The STEP Data Platform requires a robust industrial solution to ensure future support and reliability not supported with the Prototype.









Cllr A D’Agorne, Executive Member for Transport

[The meeting started at 10.06 am and finished at 11.30 am].




























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