Decision Session - Executive Member for Environment and Climate Change


Wednesday, 9 February 2022




Set out below is a summary of the decisions taken at the meeting of the Decision Session - Executive Member for Environment and Climate Change held on Wednesday, 9 February 2022.  The wording used does not necessarily reflect the actual wording that will appear in the minutes.


Members are reminded that, should they wish to call in a decision, notice must be given to Democratic Services no later than 4pm on the second working day after this meeting.


If you have any queries about any matters referred to in this decision sheet please contact JosephKennally.



4.            Birkdale Grove - Play Area Fence Consultation




i.         That the decision be deferred to a later date to provide an opportunity for Cllr Lomas, as Ward Member for Acomb, to liaise with residents of the adjoining housing estate and other users of Birkdale Grove, in order to investigate potential alternative solutions to the issue, including but not limited to:

-      That the fence remains in place and the area be only used as a children’s play area.

-      That the fence remains in place and funds from the Acomb ward budget be accessed to install children’s play equipment.

-      That the area is designated as both for children and dogs.

-      That the fence be removed.


ii.        That the ballot be rerun, with a wider voting area and some form of weighting in favour of those residents closer to Birkdale Grove, with details to be decided by the Ward Member.


iii.      That officers work with the Ward Member to assess and review local parking arrangements.


iv.      That the Parks and Open Spaces team undertake a review of Birkdale Grove, to ensure that the fence is properly secured, that there is a rota for cleaning the park, and to explore the option of installing more dog waste bins.


Reason:     To build a consensus on the best solution for residents on the Birkdale Grove play area fence.



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