City of York Council

Committee Minutes


Decision Session - Executive Member for Finance and Performance


14 June 2021


Councillors Ayre





17.        Declarations of Interest


The Executive Member was asked to declare, at this point in the meeting, any personal interests, not included on the Register of Interests, or any prejudicial or disclosable pecuniary interests that he might have had in respect of business on the agenda. He confirmed he had none.




18.        Minutes


Resolved:  That the minutes of the Decision Session held on 13 March 2021 be approved as a correct record and  signed by the Executive Member.




19.        Public Participation


Shannon Edward (Committee member of the Community Benefit Society named Friends of the Jubilee Ltd) and Cllr Kallum Taylor (Holgate Ward Councillor) spoke on agenda item 4 - Application for Community Right to Bid under the Localism Act 2011. Both spoke in support of the listing of the Jubilee as an Asset of Community Value, noting the value and benefits of the Jubilee to the local community.

Cllr Taylor referred to the comments made by Nick Love (CAMRA) in support of the listing. The Executive Member declared a non-prejudicial interest as an acquaintance of Nick Love.




20.        Application for Community Right to Bid under the Localism Act 2011


The Executive Member considered a report that This report that detailed an application to list The Jubilee Hotel Public House, Balfour Street, York as an Asset of Community Value (ACV). The application was been received from the Friends of Jubilee York. The Head of Asset Management outlined the application.

With reference to paragraph 5 in the report, the Head of Asset Managementexplained that definition of ‘land of community value’ was set out in section 88 of the Localism Act 2011 and to be considered as such had to satisfy one of two criteria. One criteria related to the time in the recent past when an actual non-ancillary  use of the building or other land furthered the social well-being or social interests of the local community. He noted that definition of ‘recent past’ was vague. The Executive Member commented that history of property over the last 100 years was in the recent past. He then;

Resolved: That The Jubilee Hotel Public House, Balfour Street, York, be listed as an Asset of Community Value (ACV).


Reason:     To ensure the Council meets its legislative requirements of the Localism Act 2011 and promotes community access to community facilities.




21.        Castle Gateway Update


The Executive Member considered a report that provided an update on the progress of the Castle Gateway regeneration masterplan. The report recommended that the new public realm at the Castle and Eye of York forms part of the council’s funding bid to central government’s Levelling Up Fund, applications for which close on 18 June 2021. The Head of Regeneration Programmes gave an update on the masterplan noted that there would be a planning application for the public realm aspect.


The Executive Member acknowledged the challenges of engaging in public consultation during the pandemic. He noted that the plan was ambitious and the bid to central government’s Levelling Up Fund was exciting. He then;




1)   That the progress update on the delivery of the Castle Gateway masterplan be noted.


Reason:     To note the work that has been carried out to deliver the Castle Gateway scheme since the last Executive approvals in October 2020

2)   That approval be given to the inclusion of the Castle and Eye of York public realm in the council’s wider Levelling Up funding bid to central government.


Reason:     To pursue central government funding for the delivery of the new public realm to replace Castle Car Park and the Eye of York.




22.        Additional Restrictions Grant – Restart element


The Executive Member considered a report that provided an update on the restart element of the Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG). The Head of Economic Growth outlined the report, adding that colleagues were waiting to find out that day with the country would be moving to step 4 of the Covid roadmap. He explained that the grants awarded under the ARG were based on the number of days that businesses are shut and he detailed the amounts that had been awarded. The Executive Member noted the importance of being able to support businesses and then;


Resolved: That retrospective approval be given to the decision taken by the Chief Finance Officer in consultation with  the Executive Members for Finance & Performance and Economy & Strategic Planning on 16th April 2021 as follows:


Using the amounts allocated per 28 day period as agreed on 12th November 2020 and 18th January 2021, to provide restart grants to businesses on the basis of the Government’s Roadmap steps as follows:

·        Businesses reopening at Step 1: No further grant (reopening already provided for in grant paid from 1st March to 31st March) 

·        Businesses reopening at Step 2: One payment of 11 days at the agreed amounts plus a fixed payment of £200 (£396 to those with no premises, £724 - £1,379 for those in premises)

·        Businesses reopening at Step 3: One Payment of 46 days at the agreed amounts (£821/£2191-£4,929)

·        Businesses reopening at Step 4: One payment of 81 days at the agreed amounts (£1446/£3859-£8,679).


Reason:     To support to York businesses which are affected by the Lockdown restrictions but not eligible for Restart Grant funding






Cllr Ayre, Executive Member

[The meeting started at 10.00 am and finished at 10.25 am].




























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