Decision Session - Executive Member for Culture, Leisure and Communities


Tuesday, 2 March 2021




Set out below is a summary of the decisions taken at the meeting of the Decision Session of the Executive Member for Culture, Leisure and Communities held on Tuesday, 2 March 2021.  The wording used does not necessarily reflect the actual wording that will appear in the minutes.


Members are reminded that, should they wish to call in a decision, notice must be given to Democracy Support Group no later than 4pm on the second working day after this meeting.


If you have any queries about any matters referred to in this decision sheet please contact.



4.           Service Level Agreements - Cultural and Infrastructure Organisations



Resolved: That the funding awards set out in paragraph 4 of the report and the associated service level agreements (SLAs) set out in the annexes be approved.


Reason: To increase the wellbeing and quality of life of York residents.


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