Notice of a public meeting of                                 




Councillors Aspden (Chair), D'Agorne, Smalley, Waller and Widdowson


[Note: this meeting will take place with a reduced Member attendance to ensure compliance with social distancing measures.]



Thursday, 20 May 2021



5.30 pm



The George Hudson Board Room - 1st Floor West Offices (F04)








Notice to Members – Post Decision Calling In:


Members are reminded that, should they wish to call in any item* on this agenda, notice must be given to Democratic Services by 4:00 pm on Monday, 24 May 2021.


*With the exception of matters that have been the subject of a previous call in, require Full Council approval or are urgent, which are not subject to the call-in provisions. Any called in items will be considered by the Customer and Corporate Services Scrutiny Management Committee.




1.          Declarations of Interest 



At this point, Members are asked to declare:

·        any personal interests not included on the Register of Interests

·        any prejudicial interests or

·        any disclosable pecuniary interests

which they may have in respect of business on this agenda.





2.          Minutes 

(Pages 3 - 10)


To approve the minutes of the Executive meeting held on 22 April 2021.




3.          Public Participation 



At this point in the meeting members of the public who have registered to speak can do so.  Members of the public may speak on agenda items or on matters within the remit of the committee.


The deadline for registering at this meeting is at 5.00pm on Tuesday, 18 May 2021.


To register to speak please visit to fill in an online registration form. If you have any questions about the registration form or the meeting please contact Democratic Services.  Contact details can be found at the foot of the agenda.  


Webcasting of Public Meetings

Please note that, subject to available resources, this public meeting will be webcast including any registered public speakers who have given their permission. The remote public meeting can be viewed live and on demand at


During coronavirus, we've made some changes to how we're running council meetings. See our coronavirus updates ( for more information on meetings and decisions.




4.          Forward Plan 

(Pages 11 - 14)


To receive details of those items that are listed on the Forward Plan for the next two Executive meetings.




5.          City of York Council Recovery and Renewal Strategy - May Update 

(Pages 15 - 22)


The Chief Operating Officer to present an update report for May 2021 on the council’s activities both directly in response to Covid-19 and to support recovery and renewal.





6.          Update on the Council Plan 2019-2023 and Progress Towards a 10 Year City Plan 

(Pages 23 - 114)


The Chief Operating Officer to present a report which proposes a number of updates to the 2019-2023 Council Plan, in view of the changed context over the past year, and sets out progress and discussions currently under way to develop a 10-year Plan for the city.




7.          The Council's contract with Make it York 

(Pages 115 - 148)


The Director of Customer & Communities and the Corporate Director of Place to present a report which sets out the service specific requirements for a new contract to be entered into between the council and Make it York for the period 2021-24, and seeks approval for the changes.




8.          School Capital Works - Internal Capital Works at Applefields Special School and Danesgate Pupil Referral Unit 

(Pages 149 - 162)


The Corporate Director of People to present a report which seeks approval for capital works at Applefields Special School to accommodate a growth in pupil numbers, and at the Danesgate Community for adaptations to the site, to improve provision for children and young people with Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) needs.




9.          Heslington Neighbourhood Plan - Examiner’s Report 

(Pages 163 - 328)


The Corporate Director of Place to present a report which sets out the Examiner’s recommendations on the Heslington Neighbourhood Plan and seeks approval for the recommended modifications, to enable the Plan to proceed to Referendum.




10.      York’s Local Transport Plan 

(Pages 329 - 352)


The Director of Environment, Transport & Planning to present a report which sets out a proposed scope, timescale and budget for York’s fourth Local Transport Plan.




11.      Reducing Emissions for First and Last Mile Light Goods Deliveries in York 

(Pages 353 - 378)


The Director of Transport, Environment & Planning to present a report which seeks approval for proposals to use funding awarded by the DEFRA Air Quality Grant Scheme to reduce emissions of nitrous oxide, particulate matter and carbon dioxide associated with delivery vehicles in York.




12.      York’s Response to the National Bus Strategy 

(Pages 379 - 386)


The Director of Environment, Transport & Planning to present a report which sets out how the council will discharge the obligation placed on English local transport authorities to develop a Bus Service Improvement Plan by October 2021.




13.      Urgent Business 



Any other business which the Chair considers urgent under the Local Government Act 1972.







Democracy Officer:

 Name: Fiona Young

Contact details:

·        Telephone – (01904) 552030

·        E-mail –





For more information about any of the following please contact the Democratic Services Officer responsible for servicing this meeting:

·        Registering to speak

·        Business of the meeting

·        Any special arrangements

·        Copies of reports and

·        For receiving reports in other formats

Contact details are set out above.