Decision Session - Executive Member For Transport


Tuesday, 13 April 2021




Set out below is a summary of the decisions taken at the meeting of the Decision Session Executive Member for Transport held on Tuesday, 13 April 2021. The wording used does not necessarily reflect the actual wording that will appear in the minutes.


Members are reminded that, should they wish to call in a decision, notice must be given to Democratic Services no later than 5pm on the 15 April 2021.


If you have any queries about any matters referred to in this decision sheet please contact RobertFlintoft.



4.               Hyperhubs Projects




                      i.       To proceed with the application for planning permission for a Hyperhub at Union Terrace car park.


Reason:     To contribute towards achieving one of the core aims of the EV Strategy; delivering an inner city Hyperhub.




5.               Consultation With Options For Restrictions 140 – 154 Boroughbridge Road




                      i.       Approval was given to implement the advertised restriction for double yellow lines on one side of the carriageway only;

                     ii.       Monitor and report back to a future decision session in the yearly review the impact of the implementation. Decision to advertise any additional restrictions will be made at this time.


Reason:     To progress the majority views of the residents consulted.



6.               Strategic Review Of City Centre Access And Parking




                      i.       Approved the scope for the review of city centre access and parking.


Reason:     To proceed with carrying out the review.


                     ii.       Approved the methodology and programme for the review, including carrying out consultation and engagement.


Reason:     To allow the review to commence in line with the programme with a report to be brought back in September 2021.


                    iii.       Noted that the review is to be completed prior to the implementation of the permanent footstreet extension in September 2021, as is set out in the programme.


Reason:     To continue to improve the existing mitigations for those affected by the proposed permanent changes to the footstreets that are due to be implemented in September 2021.


                   iv.       Noted the review of city centre parking is critical to the Executive making the decision as to whether to proceed with St George’s Field multi-storey car park as part of the Castle Gateway Masterplan. This decision is required in October 2021.


Reason:     To enable an informed decision to be taken by the Executive as to whether to proceed with St George’s Field multi-storey car park.




7.               Place Transport Capital Programme - 2021-22 Budget Report




                      i.       Approved the proposed programme of schemes for 2021/22.


Reason:     To implement the council’s transport strategy identified in York’s third Local Transport Plan and the Council Priorities, and deliver schemes identified in the council’s Transport Programme.