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Terms of Reference

The purpose of the LGA Councillors' Forum is to provide an effective means of holding the LGA to account by:

·         Receiving reports from the LGA Board and Panel Chairs, providing views and challenge.

·         Discussing topical cross-cutting issues impacting on local government to ensure effective connections are being made across Boards.

The LGA Councillors' Forum may: 

·         Receive briefings and hold discussions on topical issues impacting on local government, to ensure members have sufficient information to hold the LGA to account.

·         Request the attendance of external speakers where that supports the Forum in carrying out its role



Observer status unless appointed by the Forum as a full member


Information about meetings can be found here: Modern.Gov main page | Local Government Association (moderngov.co.uk)


Contact information

Alexander Saul

Member Services Office
Local Government Association
18 Smith Square

Website: http://www.local.gov.uk/home

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