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York and North Yorkshire Combined Authority Skills and Employability Working Group


The Skills and Employability Working Group (SEWG) acts as the Adult Education Budget (AEB) Project Board for devolved Adult Education Budget for York and North Yorkshire. In acting as project board, the SEWG will provide support and guidance to inform the Combined Authority on the implementation stage of AEB. The SEWG does not have delegated decision-making powers but will provide advice, guidance and subject matter expertise to the Combined Authority and its Leadership Team. It will develop a clear understanding of current and future local skills needs and local labour market as well as the present skills and employment support provision in the local area. The SEWG will assist in developing a Skills Strategy and will make appropriate recommendations to the Combined Authority. In addition to its role as Project Board, the SEWG will act as a consultative forum (thematic group) for North Yorkshire Council’s UK Shared Prosperity Fund programme.

Contact information

Edward Maxwell
Senior Democratic Services Officer, North Yorkshire Council

Phone: 0300 131 2 131

Website: www.northyorks.gov.uk

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