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Bus Service Network Update

17/03/2023 - Update on Local Bus Services

Resolved:  (i)      That it be noted that:

a) The short-term bus subsidy for services 12, 13 and 412, funded through BSIP, has saved the network extent.

b) As per the Executive’s decision in December 2022, the Director of Transport, Environment & Planning (in consultation with the Executive Leader, the Executive Member for Transport and the Director of Governance and Section 151 Officer or their delegated officers) has delegated power to award the long-term contracts for services 12, 13 and 412 using BSIP funding, and this has now been done.

c) Poppleton Park and Ride will open at the start of the school Easter Holidays on the 1st of April with support from BSIP funding.


(ii)      That authority be delegated to the Director of Environment, Transport and Planning to vary the park and ride and contract against contractual obligations for the purpose of stabilising the wider bus network.


Reason:     To ensure that the Bus Network in York is stabilised and that the council can work with the statutory Enhanced Bus Partnership to deliver its stated Bus Service Improvement Plans objectives in line with the National Bus Strategy



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