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Active Travel – Programme Revision and Contract Award

23/11/2022 - Active Travel Programme - Programme Revision and Contract Award

Resolved:  (i)      That the revision to the Active Travel Programme proposed in Option 1 in the report, with the prioritisation of Phase 1 projects as set out in Annex 2, be approved.


Reason:     To ensure that the Active Travel Programme is affordable, achievable and effective.


                   (ii)      That approval be given to award the contract for Principal Designer services relating to a number of schemes on the Active Travel Programme, and that authority be delegated to the Director of Environment, Transport and Planning and the Chief Finance Officer, in consultation with the Director of Governance or his delegated officers, to take such steps as are necessary to award and enter into the resulting contracts (Option 3).


Reason:     To enable progress to be made on the ‘City Centre North South Cycle Route’ and ‘University East-West Campus Link’ schemes.





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