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City Centre Access – Security Measures – update including tender return

19/08/2022 - City Centre Access – Security Measures – Update Including Tender Return

Resolved:  (i)      That the general progress on the Hostile Vehicle Measures (HVM) Scheme be noted.


                   (ii)      That authority be delegated to the Director of Transport, Environment & Planning (in consultation with the Director of Governance or her delegated officers) to accept the tender based on the evaluation criteria and to take such steps as are necessary to award and enter into the resulting contract.


                   (iii)     That it be noted that the tender received is in excess of the available budget and that an additional £1,750k be approved, to be funded by bringing forward funds from the 2026/27 Highways Maintenance capital programme, to enable award of the contract and to meet the forecast for inflation and the utilities costs.


Reason:     To enable the contract to be awarded in order to commence work to carry out advice received by Police and Security services to protect the city centre from a vehicle borne terrorist attack.


                   (iv)    That City of York Council lobby the Home Secretary to seek financial support with the installation of HVMs and the production of a long term government plan to support councils in implementing their Protect Duty.


Reason:     To ensure local authorities have the resources they need to comply with the additional requirements placed upon them by government.


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