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York Outer Ring Road – Phase 1 Dualling – Update on Progress and Proposed Enabling Works – Advanced Diversions of Statutory Undertakers’ Apparatus

16/06/2022 - York Outer Ring Road (YORR) - Proposed A1237 (Rawcliffe to Little Hopgrove) Dualling - Update on Progress and Proposed Utility Diversions

Resolved:  (i)      That it be noted that a planning application for the proposed scheme is about to be submitted.


                   (ii)      That the general progress and ongoing work on the scheme be noted.


Reason:     To be informed on the progress of the scheme and take this into consideration for future decision-making.


                   (iii)     That Option 1 be approved; that is, for the project team to identify, procure and undertake utility diversionary works within the existing highway in connection with the scheme, and where possible, in advance of the main works programme.


Reason:     To comply with the provisions of the NRSWA 1991, and to maximise the opportunity to eliminate or reduce delay risks and resultant prolongation claims on the main construction programme.


                   (iv)    That authority be delegated to the Director of Transport, Environment and Planning, in consultation with the Director of Governance or her delegated officers, to procure and take all necessary steps to implement the diversions of the Statutory Undertakers’ apparatus, as required on the Scheme.


Reason:     So that the Director of Transport, Environment and Planning is authorised to take such steps as are necessary to engage and negotiate with Statutory Undertakers for the efficient and timely delivery of utility diversions on the proposed scheme.




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