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City Centre Exemption Consultation

21/06/2022 - City Centre Exemption Consultation



                      i.         Approved as advertised the amendment the Traffic Regulation Order to amend the list of exemptions to reduce the number of vehicles accessing the pedestrian area during the hours of operation from 1 October 2022.


Reason:     To reduce the number of vehicles within the pedestrian area to reduce the level of conflict between vehicles and pedestrians to help improve pedestrian safety within the pedestrian area.


                     ii.         Approved further communication with residents and businesses within the pedestrian area to make them aware of the policy and procedures that will be implemented in order to gain approved vehicle access with the pedestrian area.


Reason:     To provide clarity on the process to gain vehicle access to the pedestrian area if required for works or in an emergency situation.


                    iii.        Approved an amendment to the National Street Gazetteer to provide information on time that vehicle access in to the streets within the pedestrian area is prohibited.


Reason:     To provide utility companies with information on restrictions on vehicle access to the pedestrian area once the Hostile Vehicle Mitigation measures have been put in place to reduce utility vehicles trying the access the pedestrian area without the correct approval.


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