Article 11 – Staffing matters and urgency Committee


1.           Composition


1.1    Staffing Matters & Urgency Committee is a Committee of Full Council and shall be proportionate in its composition.


1.2    The Chair and Vice Chair of the Committee will be appointed by Full Council.


1.3    The Committee shall comprise five Members and shall have a quorum of three Members.


2.           Role


2.1    The Staffing Matters & Urgency Committee of Council may undertake all non-executive functions relating to Chief Officer staffing matters for the Chief Officers listed at paragraph 3.4 below, excluding disciplinary-related matters, and all non-executive functions in case of emergency.


3.           Functions


3.1        Power to appoint the Chief Officers listed at paragraph 3.4 below, in accordance with the procedures at Appendix 12 of this Constitution, and to determine the terms and conditions on which they hold office (excluding procedures for their dismissal).

3.2        To be the committee of Council responsible for the strategic overview of workforce and employment matters to ensure the delivery of good quality services to the people of York.

3.3        To have strategic oversight of key strategies as the basis for people management within the Council, including pay strategy, learning and development strategy, workforce development strategy.

3.4        To arrange for the conduct of the recruitment and selection process in respect of the following Statutory Chief Officers:

a)           The Head of Paid Service. (NB: this appointment is subject to Full Council approval);

b)           The Section 151 Officer;

c)           The Monitoring Officer;

d)           The Director of Children’s Services;

e)           The Director of Adult Social Services;

f)             The Director of Public Health; and

g)           Any other Corporate Director.


3.5        In conducting its recruitment functions the Committee may establish Chief Officer appointment sub-committees of no less than three elected Members including at least one Member of the Executive.

3.6        In respect of direct staffing issues, the Staffing Matters and Urgency Committee will have the following decision-making functions:


·                    In respect of the Chief Officers listed at paragraph 3.4 above only:


a)           Approval on the exercise of LGPS and discretionary compensation related discretions in accordance with the City of York’s Local Government Pension Scheme 2021 Discretions Policy; and

b)           All non-routine pay-related issues.


·                    In respect of non-Chief Officers:


a)           To note redundancy, retirement, and settlement agreements.


4.           Other staffing issues


4.1    To consider and note Workforce Demographics and any referrals arising from CCNC (Corporate Consultation Negotiation Committee).


5.           Urgency


5.1        The committee is empowered to authorise all non-executive functions (other than those which must, by law, be exercised by Full Council), in circumstances of urgency, where it is necessary to obtain a decision on any matter without delay.


5.2    In relation to any urgent matter, which involves the exercise of Executive functions, the Committee shall act in an advisory capacity to the Leader or their substitute Executive Member, who shall have regard to the advice when exercising the relevant function. [Subject to legal requirements for taking an urgent Executive decision].


5.3    For the purposes of determining whether the Urgency Committee ought to exercise the above delegations a decision is regarded as urgent if it cannot reasonably be deferred to the next available Council, Executive or Committee for determination and any such delay is likely to seriously prejudice the Council’s or the public’s interests.