Appendix 24 - International Travel Protocol

Protocol for Members and Officers in respect of International Travel Applicable to both Councillors and Officers


1.   All international travel journeys shall be undertaken for legitimate council business reasons only and will only be funded in exceptional circumstances.


2.   Any travel which is not paid for by City of York Council must be authorised in advance and full details of the funding party must be provided.


a)   All travel arrangements will be confirmed as “economy class” or at the lowest cost to the public purse. Councillors and Officers would be able to upgrade their ticket but do so at their own personal expense.

b)   Councillors and Officers will provide the Council with confirmation that there are no known medical reasons which could prevent them from undertaking international travel, flights etc.

c)   Subject to meeting health and any other requirements which may be deemed necessary in respect of the proposed travel arrangements and destination, the Council will provide appropriate insurance for the Councillor or Officer.


3.   Air travel should be minimised in order to accord with the Council’s commitment to carbon reduction.


Actions to be taken prior to approval being granted


4.   The Councillor or Officer will be required to (it is acknowledged that some of the details may be confidential):


a)   Clarify the purpose of the travel;

b)   Give details of the aims and objectives to be sought from this travel and how this would benefit City of York Council;

c)   Give reasons as to why this travel is essential and how the aims and objectives cannot be sought by other means e.g. virtual meeting

d)   Explain what the Councillor or Officer hopes to get out of the proposed trip.


5.   Upon returning from an approved trip, the Councillor or Officer will be required to (it is acknowledged that some of the details may be confidential):


a)   Provide feedback from the authorised trip;

b)   Detail the achieved outcomes and how this will be actioned;

c)   Detail how City of York Council will benefit as a result of this authorised trip;

d)   Provide details of the payment of any expenses during the trip (i.e. room service, drinks, etc.).


Applicable to Councillors only


6.   Authorisation for expenditure for international travel shall be sought from the s151 Officer.


Applicable to Officers only


7.   The Council’s Corporate Management Team will authorise expenditure for international travel for officers following consultation with the s151 Officer.