Project Outline

Project Name

People Streets / Badger Hill School

Project Manager

James Williams



Purpose of this Document:

This document summarises key project information to allow a Member decision to be made in support of the current course of action.



The mandate for this project derives from a bid to the government for ‘Active Travel Fund’ support.


This scheme will improve the streets and walking / cycling routes in the immediate vicinity of two primary schools to encourage more parents to walk or cycle their children to school. Trials have been

held at Clifton Green Primary School (YO30 6JA) and Badger Hill Primary School (YO10 5JF) to determine potential layouts such as road narrowing, gateway features, footway widening etc. which

would reduce the impact of vehicle movements and encourage more walking and cycling to the schools.


Project Description:

To identify, propose and introduce design measures to improve the built environment around Badger Hill Primary focusing on:

·        Identified concerns regarding traffic volumes and speeds in the Crossways area during school pick up and drop off times.

·        Reducing the prevalence of cars parking on verges and blocking visibility in the area during these times

·        Identified concerns regarding the ease of crossing the road in the area due to reduced visibility due to parked cars and lack of defined/clearly identified crossing locations.

·        Enhancing the potential for parents and pupils to prioritise the use of active travel modes where possible (walk, cycle or scoot to school.)


·        Consideration for the place making opportunities to create a connection between the school entrance and the green spaces located to the west end of Crossways and the public park located on Deramore Drive West


Aims and Objectives:

The Aim of the Project is to:

Improve the environment for pedestrians, cyclists and mini-scooter users approaching the school via Sussex Road and Crossways by reducing the impact of traffic in this area and improving the opportunity for defined crossing locations which are clearly visible to all users.

The Objectives are:


Implement Civil Engineering interventions to change the built environment to enhance the priority towards pedestrian and cyclists, away from motor vehicle traffic and to discourage parent parking on verge areas during school drop-off and pick-up times.




In Scope:


Geographical location: Adopted highway areas focused on the junction of Sussex Road/Crossways extending Eastbound to the junction of Crossways and Deramore Drive West and southbound to the junction of Sussex Road and Field Lane.


Civil Engineering solutions to alter the existing layout of the carriageway and footways in the location.


Changes within the bounds of the adopted highway, including the carriageway, verges and footways.


Consideration of LTN 1/20 guidance. ‘Green’ scoring solutions are preferred, however lower scoring solutions that still represent an improvement will be explored.


Consideration of solutions that reduce carriageway capacity for motor vehicle traffic, where necessary to achieve the objectives.


Changes to street furniture required to implement a solution.


Consideration for formalisation of a Park and Stride function.


Consideration of link between the school entrance and existing off carriageway cycle lane provision on Field Lane.


Out of Scope:


Consideration of solutions in locations outside the Geographical Location specified above.


Introduction of signal controlled crossing provisions in the location.


Consideration of solutions that require the resolution of land ownership issues.


Vehicle Parking amendments which impact on the operation and enforcement of existing Respark zone R39A.


Resurfacing of any roads/footpaths outside the area specified above.


Air quality improvements.


Traffic modelling and air quality modelling


Consideration of improvements to public realm other than those required to achieve the stated objectives.


Outcomes and Benefits:

Increased levels of walking, cycling and scooting to and from school – Measured by a school travel survey before and after construction.


Improved cyclist and pedestrian safety – Measured by a review of accident figures over a 5 year period post construction.


Dependencies and related works:

There are no direct dependencies on other projects included in the current Active Travel Programme.

Consultation with staff representing Badger Hill Primary School may be restricted to term time only.


Design Resource Procurement:

All internal and contracted external design resources are at capacity. An evaluation will be made as to whether it will be more expeditious to await availability of current resource or to start a procurement to obtain additional external resource.