Project Outline

Project Name

City Centre Cycle Parking Improvements

Project Manager

James Williams



Purpose of this Document:

This document summarises key project information to allow a Member decision to be made in support of the current proposals.



The mandate for this scheme derives from a bid to the government for Active Travel Fund support. The text within the bid states:


“This package primarily covers the 15Ha "Footstreets" pedestrianised area in the very centre of York, but will also be extended to include other important cycle parking sites within the area encircled by the city

walls (Postcode area YO1). Consultation with cyclists prior to the submission of this bid revealed that poor cycle parking provision in the centre of York is suppressing the number of cycle trips to the city

centre particularly for mobility impaired residents who often have adapted cycles of high value.


Principally we will be upgrading the existing cycle parking facilities in the city centre to bring them into line with the latest best practice in terms of spacing, type and the ability to accommodate larger cycles such as load bikes, bikes with panniers, or trailers. We will also designate specific parking racks or areas for users of adapted cycles.


Within this project we also propose to investigate the introduction of city centre cycle lockers to provide weatherproof and secure storage for residents with ebikes or high value cycles who may currently be

discouraged from cycling into the city centre due to concerns about security, complementing the existing cycle locker provision at the city's park and ride sites.”


Project Description:

This project will address issues regarding the provision, layout, accessibility and suitability of cycle parking infrastructure in the footstreets area of the city centre and extending out as far as the city walls.

Existing cycle parking infrastructure will be audited and updated to meet the recommended guidance of Local Transport Note LTN1/20 with opportunities for new adapted/load bike provision to be introduced alongside these existing locations.


The project will also investigate the potential for brand new cycle parking locations and the introduction of secure cycle storage lockers in the footstreets area, offering provision for standard/adapted/load bike provision in areas where this has previously not been possible. This will include provision for e-bikes and similar vehicles.


An analysis of a ‘Cycle Hub’ facility will also be undertaken, however delivery of such a facility will not be part of this scheme.


This project is necessary to address previous comments raised by  potential cyclist’s entering the city that a lack of suitable provision is prohibiting them from considering Cycling as a suitable travel option for their journey into the city centre.



Aims and Objectives:

The Aim of the Project is to:

Improve the provision, availability and quality of Cycle Parking options within the footstreet/city wall area through revision of existing locations or introduction of new locations providing an allocation of dedicated, clearly identifiable stand options for large load bikes and adapted cycles.

The Objectives are:


Installation of cycle stands to best  practice across the footstreet/city walls area in existing or new locations.


The introduction of up to 50 stands suitable for load bikes and up to 50 stands suitable for adapted cycles in a variety of locations across the city with these stands clearly identifiable as primarily designed to support these types of cycle.


The introduction of up to 25 cycle lockers intended to provide secure, enclosed storage for high value cycles or for “cycle tourists” who need to store both cycles and associated luggage. 




In Scope:


Geographical location: The footstreets area of York City Centre extending out to the boundary provided by the City Walls.


Audit of all existing Council owned cycle parking infrastructure in this location.


Potential use of all adopted highway space within this location.


Identification of potential new parking stand locations.


Replacement of existing cycle parking of “Toaster Rack” design where appropriate.


Application of LTN 1/20 guidance, particularly regarding the minimum dimensions for cycle parking stands/bays in relation to their surrounding infrastructure.


Consideration of solutions that may reduce the overall number of available standard cycle parking spaces in a specific location but which brings them up to the best practice provision.


Consideration of solutions that require changes to traffic regulation orders.


Consideration of solutions that impact loading arrangements, where relevant.


Consideration of alternative options to cycle lockers which would provide secure, enclosed storage for cycles on a short term basis.


Consideration of solutions that may impact upon motor vehicle parking provision.

An analysis of a ‘Cycle Hub’ type facility, sufficient to enable a further decision to be made on whether or not to pursue implementation.


Out of Scope:


Any other geographical area than that defined above.


Construction of new carriageway, cycle way or pavement.


Consideration of changes to adopted highway boundaries

Consideration of solutions that require the resolution of land ownership issues.


Changes to street furniture beyond those required to achieve the stated objective


Consideration of public realm improvements other than those needed to achieve the objective.


Implementation of a Cycle Hub.


Infrastructure changes to the public highway to further encourage access to the city centre of use of the racks.


Outcomes and Benefits:

Increased provision of adapted cycle/load bike parking stands assessed against an initial audit of cycle parking provision to be completed during the initiation stage of this project.


Improved adoption of minimum design guidance for cycle parking dimensions of standard cycle parking stands against an initial audit of cycle parking provision to be completed during the initiation stage of this project.


Increased utilisation of available cycle parking stands against an internal audit of cycle parking provision to be completed during the initiation stage of this project.




Dependencies and related works:

Understanding of intended footstreet revisions across the city which may impact the location of blue badge parking bays and require relocation of existing cycle parking infrastructure.


Understanding of York Bid involvement with cycle parking provision and current intention/available funding.


Impact of City Centre Events/markets/festivals on existing and proposed locations for cycle parking.


Impact of Waste service operators Central Collection Points for commercial and domestic waste rounds.


Impact of  HVM solutions in close proximity  to existing cycle parking infrastructure.


Impact of loading and deliveries requirements for city centre retail operations.


Design Resource Procurement:

Design expertise will be provided using established Transport Systems team resource and supported by external resource as required.