City of York Council

Committee Minutes


Decision Session - Executive Member for Transport


21 June 2022


Councillors D'Agorne


Officers James Gilchrist Director of Transport, Planning and Environment,

Dave Atkinson Head of Highways and


Darren Hobson Traffic Management Team


Duncan McIntyre iTravel Programme Manager



1.              Declarations of Interest (10:00)


The Executive Member was asked to declare, at this point in the meeting, any personal interests, not included on the Register of Interests, or any prejudicial or disclosable pecuniary interests that he might have had in respect of business on the agenda. He confirmed he had none.





2.              Minutes (10:01)


Resolved:  That the minutes of the Decision Session of the Executive Member for Transport held on 17 May 2022 be approved and signed by the Executive Member as a correct record.





3.              Public Participation (10:02)


It was reported that there had been five registrations to speak at the meeting under the Council’s Public Participation Scheme.


Flick Williams asked why blue badge holders were being restricted from accessing the city centre before some businesses and council vehicles. She highlighted her frustrations with the adverts used by the Council promoting active travel which didn’t include those with mobility issues. She stated that she felt the Council was proud of being anti-disability and anti-old people.


Cllr Warters supported the restoration instead of replacement of the historical knocked down lamppost. He questioned however, why local companies had not been approached for quotes to complete the restoration work. He recommended a longer stretch of the A1079 be set to a 40 MPH speed limit rather than the proposals in item 9. Speaking on Osbladwick Lane he stated that the Council had increased parking issues by removing verges and adding tarmac.


Andrew Morrison spoke on behalf of the York Civic Trust and asked that the lamppost be restored due to its historical significance in York as the last of its kind. He noted that the Civic Trust would be willing if required to assist the Council in costs associated with the restoration.


Cllr Melly raised concerns that certain Council vehicles would continue to use the footstreets while blue badge holders would be barred from entering. She questioned proposals for parking charges to be introduced on Knavesmire Road after it was confirmed this would not happen. Regarding the last mile delivery service she asked that the trail look at including wider benefits, such as smaller businesses being able to access the delivery site and whether the delivery site could be used as a drop off as well as a pick up site.


Andrew Mortimer noted his support for the proposals to tackle parking on Osbaldwick Lane. He noted that residents in Osbaldwick were seeking more controlled parking and not less parking spaces or residents parking, he noted the need for safer crossing points.





4.              City Centre Exemption Consultation (10:18)


Officers noted that the Executive in November 2021 agreed the changes to the way the streets in the city centre would be managed during pedestrianised hours (footstreets). They noted that Counter Terrorism Police had advised the Council to deliver Blue Light services access at footstreets hours. Officers confirmed that the biggest challenges to amending access were access for blue badge holders and some council services such as waste collection at the market. It was confirmed that discussions were taking place with Make It York about waste collection for the market.


The Executive Member considered the proposed changes as well as the current challenges blue badge and some council vehicle access. He noted that additional parking should be available for blue badge holders at Castlegate in September and he noted that the Council were considering the prospect of a shuttle bus to address access issues.




                      i.       Approved as advertised the amendment the Traffic Regulation Order to amend the list of exemptions to reduce the number of vehicles accessing the pedestrian area during the hours of operation from 1 October 2022.


Reason:     To reduce the number of vehicles within the pedestrian area to reduce the level of conflict between vehicles and pedestrians to help improve pedestrian safety within the pedestrian area.


                     ii.       Approved further communication with residents and businesses within the pedestrian area to make them aware of the policy and procedures that will be implemented in order to gain approved vehicle access with the pedestrian area.


Reason:     To provide clarity on the process to gain vehicle access to the pedestrian area if required for works or in an emergency situation.


                    iii.       Approved an amendment to the National Street Gazetteer to provide information on time that vehicle access in to the streets within the pedestrian area is prohibited.


Reason:     To provide utility companies with information on restrictions on vehicle access to the pedestrian area once the Hostile Vehicle Mitigation measures have been put in place to reduce utility vehicles trying the access the pedestrian area without the correct approval.





5.              Consideration of options for damaged lamp column(10:30)


The Executive Member agreed to support the option to repair the cast column which had been knocked over due to its importance to York’s heritage. Officers confirmed they would seek for all costs associated with the repair to be paid for by the insurance company.




                      i.       Approved option B2 to repair the existing last remaining cast column. Cast columns are more likely to crack and fall so this option relocates the column a few metres away and protects it with bollards to reduce the risk of a vehicle strike in the future.


Reasons:   Street Lighting Officers would normally replace with a tubular steel column which is less likely to collapse, however it would result in the loss of a unique heritage asset, for this reason repair is recommended. Street Lighting Officers would not recommend just repair in the exact same location due to the risk of future vehicle strikes, so have developed an option which moves the column a few metres and with protection of some bollards reduces the risk of it being hit by a vehicle in the future.





6.              iTravel update (10:35)


It was confirmed that the Itravel program was designed to encourage individuals to change how they travel away from individual car usage. Officers outlined the kind of work being undertaken by the Itravel team including York Walking Festival. Officers noted that the website had made major improvements. They also confirmed that the advert campaign had been a mistake in how it represented travellers and its exclusion of those with mobility challenges. Officers confirmed the Itravel team were focused on improving travel options for those with mobility challenges such as providing adapted bikes and brail walking trails.


The Executive Member welcomed the update and the work undertaken on a small budget. He praised the work undertaken in schools on cycling ability training and asked whether there could be a push for move level 3 training availability.  




                      i.       Noted the progress made in 2021/22 and the proposed 22/23 iTravel Programme subject to funding.


Reason:     To endorse the proposed approach to delivery for 2022/23 in support of the council plan outcome of enabling more residents to get around sustainably.





7.              Proposed Residents Parking for Kexby Avenue, Arnside Place and 13 to 57 (odds) Thief Lane consideration of objections to the introduction of Residents Parking in these streets (10:45)


Officers introduced the report noting that following a consultation in February 2022 nearby streets had been included into a Residents Parking Scheme. Kexby Avenue and Arnside Place had not originally been included due to a residents petition requesting to be left out of the scheme. However, following the changes to parking in the area residents had now requested to be included within the scheme. The Executive Member considered the objections within the report and noted that 3 were rejections on the basis of wishing for greater parking restrictions, only 1 objection had been received against parking restrictions being implemented. Therefore the Executive Member agreed to the making of the order as drafted. 




                      i.       Approved the making of the Order, as drafted, to introduce parking controls (ResPark Area) on Kexby Avenue for those in the R39B Residents Priority Parking Zone.


Reason:    This recommendation is supported by the majority

of people from Kexby Avenue who signed the petition in favour and is supported by the outcome of the further consultation in September 2021.


                     ii.       Approved the making of the Order, as drafted, to extend the R39B Residents’ Priority Parking Zone and include properties in Kexby Avenue, Arnside Place and 13 to 57 (odds) Thief Lane in the qualification zone for this ResPark scheme.


Reason:     Residents in these properties can, currently, park

in these streets. As the introduction of ResPark is intended to address non-resident parking it is reasonable to continue to accommodate them in the qualifying zone.





8.              Osbaldwick Lane Parking Petition (10:50)


The Executive Member made note of the comments received on the item during public participation and requested that officers work with the communities team to review the area and discuss options for a ward funded scheme with ward councillors. He noted that some of the work officers could undertake may be subject to the Customer and Corporate Services Scrutiny Management Calling In meeting regarding parking in Osbaldwick.




                      i.       That the Transport team undertake work with the communities’ team to review the area and discuss options for a ward funded scheme with ward councillors.


Reason:     This will provide an opportunity review the area and propose options that will tackle the concerns that the residents have raised concerns about.





9.              Speed Limit Traffic Regulation Order Amendments(10:55)


The Executive Member considered the proposed changes and officer reasoning for these proposals. He asked that future reports include accident records for streets with speed limit traffic regulation order amendments. It was agreed that no further action be taken on Temple Lane Copmanthorpe, A19 Deighton, Intake Lane, and Acaster Malbis. On Acaster Malbis the Executive Member requested that officers review whether appropriate signage was being used on the road.


It was agreed that The Holies Stockton on the Forest, A1079 Dunnington, North Lane Huntington, Wheldrake Lane Elvington, Sim Balk Lane Bishopthorpe, Askham Bryan Sites 1 and 2, Naburn, The Revival Estate, Towthorpe, and Shipton Road be amended as outlined in the report.


Finally the Executive Member requested that Stockton Lane be postponed to review the option of implementing a 50 Miles Per Hour speed limit.




                      i.       That no further action be undertaken on Temple Lane, Copmanthorpe and A19, Deighton;

                     ii.       That no further action be taken on Intake Lane, Acaster Malbis. Officers to review whether appropriate signage is currently being used on the road.


Reason:     Because the road environment is not consistent with a lower speed limit and there is little prospect of achieving a reduction in vehicle speeds.


                    iii.       That the revised speed limit changes be advertised for The Holies Stockton on the Forest, A1079 Dunnington, North Lane Huntington, Wheldrake Lane Elvington, Sim Balk Lane Bishopthorpe, Askham Bryan Sites 1 and 2, Naburn, The Revival Estate, Towthorpe, and Shipton Road as outlined in the report;

                   iv.       That Northfield Lane, Poppelton be advertised with additional information provided to those advised of the advertisement relating to a Quite Lane sign;

                     v.       That a decision on Stockton Lane be postponed to review the option of implementing a 50 Miles Per Hour speed limit.


Reason:     Because the indications are these are appropriate speed limits due to the surrounding environment, to respond to resident concerns and to reduce risk of collisions and injuries.




10.           DEFRA Air Quality last mile delivery update (11:28)


Officers outlined the results of the DEFRA air quality project feasibility study and noted that the study had engaged businesses and delivery drives and assisted in identifying what to propose for the trial. It was confirmed that food remained a difficult aspect of last mile delivery but officers were exploring train freight. The proposal for a drop off was at a Council leased premises and would be run by the Council. It was expected that operators would work together to maximise the value of the trail, however, it can still operate if some operators withdrew. The Executive Member noted his support for the trail.




                      i.       Noted the DEFRA air quality project feasibility study;

                     ii.       Approved a 9 month pilot as per the feasibility report

(scenarios 1a) and 1b) focusing on small parcel delivery using pedestrian portering and zero emission deliveries (cargo and e-cargo bikes). Consolidating the deliveries at a hub in a location that has good access for delivery vehicles and access to the inner ring road in order to test the last mile possibilities;

                    iii.       Approved the principle of a 12 month lease for the trial to operate from, allowing 3 months for set up and decant and 9 months for the operation of trial;

                   iv.       Delegated to the Director of Environment, Transport and Planning in consultation with the S.151 Officer and Director of Governance authority to :

a. Finalise the lease arrangements for the trial (at

the moment proposed to be 107-109 Walmgate)

as the location for the hub, work through any

legal and planning requirements and establish

management arrangements of the hub;

b. finalise arrangements with operators to take part in the trial;

c. to enter into agreement with an academic

institution and representatives from the Freight

Forum to have an oversight of the pilot, set the

performance measures and test the operators

against these;


Reason:     To ensure the best outcomes are achieved to improve air quality and to feed in to inform strategy and approach locally and regionally to consolidation of freight.





11.           Maximising use of the Park and Ride with a review of onstreet parking (11:39)


The Executive Member was asked to approve the scoping of a trial int othe possibilities of introducing charges for on-street parking on

Knavesmire road to deter commuter parking and encourage shift

to the Park and Ride at Askham Bar. The Executive Member agreed for the scoping work to be undertaken but noted that there would need to be incentives for using the park and ride and not just limits to parking in the area.




                      i.       Approved the scoping of a trial for charges for on-street parking on Knavesmire road with the results reporting back to a future decision session to initiate a trial.


Reason:     To ensure commuter journeys are intercepted at the park and ride stops to reduce carbon, improve air quality and reduce unnecessary car journeys within the outer ring road.








Cllr A D’Agorne, Executive Member for Transport

[The meeting started at 10.00 am and finished at 11.45 am].




























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