Agenda and minutes

Venue: Tang Hall Primary School, Fifth Avenue

Contact: Matthew Ward 

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7.00pm Surgery

Your chance to meet your:

  • Ward Councillors
  • Street Environment Officer
  • Safer Neighbourhoods Team
  • Neighbourhood Management Officer
  • And to get information on the Housing Anti-Social Behaviour Strategy


7.30pm Main Meeting - Introduction and Minutes


2                    Introduction and minutes



2.1   Cllr Ruth Potter welcomed residents to the meeting

2.2   The minutes of the last meeting were agreed and signed.

2.3    Cllr Barbara Boyce was introduced to residents


Right Up Your Street

Find out who does what in your street with the help of council officers Andy Binner, Operations Manager, Richard White, Assistant Director, Russ Broadbent, Parking Services Manager, all from City of York Council Neighbourhood Services


3.                  Right up your street

Find out who does what in your street with the help of council officers Andy Binner-Operations Manager, Richard White-Assistant Director and Russ Broadbent-Parking Services Manager


3.1Richard White introduced himself and gave an overview of what the department looks after. The areas are


·      Maintenance services

·      Carriage way resurfacing – keeping all roads in York to the highest possible standard

·      Footpath repairs – flags, holes

·      Monitoring of weather forecast to  predict times for gritting

·      Blacksmiths

·      Sandbagging

·      Clearing silt after floods

·      Highways trees


3.2Residents were given the opportunity to raise questions in regards to maintenance issues, the follow was asked.

What is the situation with turning front gardens into parking, people are using stones and impermeable sheeting?

-         It is a complicated issues dealt with by planning. The hardstanding put in place should not dramatically increase surface run off, measures are usually outlined at time of planning application. Hard standing are subject to planning permission.

Who is responsible for street crossings?

                                                Network management

Who is responsible for overhanging branches?

For private it comes down to the property owner or the council can charge for clearance work.

What is the situation with the old gas works, Layerthorpe?Planning application has been agreed, enforcement on land owners is carried out regarding cutting back trees.

If we report something will something be done?

Everything will be done to recify the situation within the powers of the local government.

What is the situation with A boards?

A boards are continually removed as they are an ongoing issue.

Is the reportee informed of the outcome?

If you request a reply then you can have a letter or phone call.

Suggestions for Dodsworth Avenue were, not to install sleeping policemen that take up cyclists space on roads as it leads to cyclists on paths and collection of water, ice and rubbish.

These comments will be passed on to relevant officers for consideration, cycling is a big issue for the city.


3.3Russ Broadbent outlined the purpose of parking services and showed where the service sits within the council, it was also explained that Liz Levett, the new Head of Service had been emitted from the slide.

3.3.1       Parking restrictions are decided by Network management, parking services only enforce them.

3.3.2       Road Traffic Act – the power has been transferred to local government to enforce. It is a civil offence dealt with by tribunal.

3.3.3       Since 2004 different penalty charges apply for yellow line, disabled bays- £70 and minor parking offences- £50.

3.3.4       Objectives of the parking service are to keep traffic moving safely, enforcement of parking places and raising revenue from parking fines.

3.3.5       There are 377 miles of restricted parking in York.

3.3.6       Enforcement Teams have declined due to financial restrain. There were 30 when the service was taken over from the police. More work is being done with less staff.

3.3.7       Last year 16,717 penalty charge notices were served, less than previous years that had been as high as 23,000.  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.


York Magistrates

The co-ordinator for the Magistrates in the Community and Community Engagement project will tell the meeting what magistrates do, their powers and how they decide on sentences.


3.                  Magistrates

Malcolm Smith, the co-ordinator for the magistrates in the Community and Community Engagement Project explained about what magistrates do, their powers and how they decide on sentences.

3.1Malcolm Smith outlined the day to day workings of the magistrates court.

3.1.1       There are four courts operating five days a week and Saturday mornings.

3.1.2       All criminal offences start proceedings in the magistrate court

3.1.3       97% of offences are dealt with by magistrate, only 3% ever go to Crown Court.

3.1.4       Offences dealt with range across motoring, thefts, dishonest, RSPCA, Council cases so there is a broad spectrum.

3.1.5       Magistrates are not lawyers, they are members of the community who receive regular training, are decision maker and are volunteers.

3.1.6       Ages of magistrate range from 18 to 70 years old so there is representation across generations and the community.

3.1.7       13 days a week is the minimum expectation, but most manage to dedicate 1 day a week.

3.1.8       3 magistrates sit on the bench, so there is always a fair decision

3.1.9       Not all rulings are punishment, some are referrals for rehabilitation.

3.2Jon Coulson outlined the magistrates powers

3.2.1       The verdicts that can be passed are

·        Discharge – guilty but no action

·        Conditional discharge – no immediate action but carried for a period of time.

·        Fine – up to £5000

·        Compensation – the victim is reimbursed

·        Community Orders – rehab order make the offender aware of impact of their crime

·        Unpaid Work – community payback scheme

·        Prison sentence – maximum 6 months or 12 months for 2 offences

·        Suspended sentence – not immediately enforced but conditions applied

3.2.2       Magistrates guidelines come from the ministry of justice.

3.3Residents were given the opportunity to ask related questions, the follow was asked

3.3.1       Who decides the panel? – rotas are draw up a year in advance and allocated randomly. There are four benches a day and 3 magistrates on each.

3.3.2       How do people apply? – information is available on the website or at the magistrates court.

Do magistrates have the power of remand? – yes, for the first 7 days and can set bail conditions.


Scheme Suggestions

This is your opportunity to find out more information about the scheme suggestions included in this newsletter.  If your suggestion is on the short list, this is your opportunity to give everyone the information they need to make an informed decision.


3.                  Scheme suggestions

3.1Attendees were given the opportunity to raise questions about the proposed ward schemes for 2010-2011. The following points were raised.

3.1.1       Allen Marsh from Street Sport York outlined their funding bid. Started in 2005 the scheme has had 12000 clients.

3.1.2       Neil Gulliver outlined Active Yorks Fund for the Gifted. Support for youngsters who are of regional level ability to progress in their chosen sport.

3.1.3       Robin Rawson outlined the traffic ideas for Dodsworth Avenue. There’s concern for pedestrians in the area, hoping to educate road users. Starting a residents speed watch, signage for lampposts to reduce cycling on pavements.

3.1.4       Cllr Potter declared an interest in Bell Farm Adventure Playground.

3.1.5       Cllr Funnell declared an interest in St. Nicholas Fields.

3.1.6       Cllr Potter highlighted gaps on the schemes forms and encouraged residents to vote.


Have Your Say

Your opportunity to discuss local issues and concerns with your ward councillors.    


4. Have Your Say!

4.1 Residents were given the chance to raise concerns and issues in the ward.


- No issues were raised.


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